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Hey there, friend!

Thank you so much for taking part in the Kingdom Money Project, as well as being interested in creating a life you love by making your health a priority!

Please claim your FREE 7-Day Menu Plan + 2 Shopping Lists (based on your availability) & a BONUS Dessert E-book by clicking on the links below!

They should either begin downloading immediately, or you may be re-directed to a new page to prompt download.

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7 Day Menu Plan

Menu Plan Recipes

Dessert Recipes

If you’re new to making Food Your Medicine, I would urge you to check out our SHOP page, where there are a bounty of self-help guides designed to help you effortlessly get started today!. My favorite is Inviting in Light, which breaks down the principles every human should know when it comes to designing – and living – a life you love.


If you have ANY questions, please contact me, Amanda, here. And don’t forget – sign up for the newsletter (below) and receive an AWESOME getting-started guide!

You DO deserve to live a life you love. Let’s get you started today. 🙂

Amanda Froelich

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