Hey there health-seeker!

Did you know that your health is directly tied to the state of your gut? In fact, scientists now refer to the gut as the ‘second brain’ and recognize it as the location where 80% of your immune system is formed. That’s right, optimal digestion isn’t only  appreciable for outings and sexy time, it’s a critical part of thriving healthfully and living a life you love.

And because the state of your gastrointestinal tract’s health is SO important, I’m sharing a personalized Bloom for Life ‘Good Digestion’ handout that you can PRINT and keep as a day-t0-day reminder of how to create vibrant health and best assimilate the foods you eat:


Your health really does begin in the digestive tract. For example, if the lining of your gut is compromised due to environmental toxins, diets high in refined sugar and processed foods, and an overabundance of Candida (also known as ‘leaky gut’, which is estimated to affect at least 70% of the population to some extent), then you likely have an under-active stomach (which equates to poor digestion), and long-term may allow proteins to leak into your blood stream. Particles not fully digested, fungus, and/or toxins are then registered as offenders, or ‘allergens,’ and stimulate an immune / inflammatory response. This is a MAJOR underlying reason for most chronic ‘diseases’, so it is ESSENTIAL we heal the lining of the gut when healing the whole person.

We’ll talk about this more in the future, but for the present, utilize this handout and begin experiencing more efficient digestion by following the 10 tips above.

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