Inviting in Light

12 Steps to Create vibrant health 

You are more loved than you know.

Too many people feel “stuck,” as if they cannot get to where they want to be, and/or as if they lack the tools to succeed in life. Inviting in Light, the first self-help book published by Life in Bloom, seeks to offer a clear path forward for those who are struggling in the dark. The light has always been within you. Learn how to turn on the switch… 

Age-Old Advice

The advice within this book is not new. However, the compilation of simple yet profound wisdom is in an easy-to-digest format, within grasp and for a reasonable price. Most importantly, it is steeped in age-old wisdom sourced from truths that are within each of us. 


Love transcends boundaries, including religion. All are welcome, none are judged. This resource is for every human (or alien #alllifematters) who wants to feel healthier, manifest a life they love, and develop a stronger appreciation for those around them and life itself. 

Develop Self-Confidence
Explore Faith in a Higher Power
Learn More About Yourself
Learn About Fueling Your Body

Take a Peek Inside…

You deserve to live a life you love. 

“Amanda has created a simple, practical, and inspirational book for physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. Inviting in Light contains valuable, clear and concise information on what one needs to look at to awaken into their happy and fulfilled Self. It is an inspired twelve-step guide that is beautifully and thoughtfully presented, ready to take you to the happy life you deserve.

Ashleigh Foster, Los Angeles

Jacalyn Beckmann

Inviting in Light” is a beautiful book filled with sunshine. I love the way Amanda describes easy ways to make happier days. She has a rare and special look on life. I highly encourage anyone who wants to be happier to read this. It’s full of easy to read tips and knowledge that will definitely benefit your mind, body, and soul.

Candice Sharma

You are worthy of love and an extraordinary life.

Create vibrant health and accept the life you deserve. 

Inviting in Light: 12 Steps to Create Vibrant Health and Accept the Life You Deserve


Every individual dreams and deserves to have vibrant health and live the life they love. Unfortunately, many people are not only sick, but they lack the confidence and ‘know-how’ of how to put into action the laws which exist to serve all beings of creation. To create vibrant health, reverse modern-day illness, find more happiness, and manifest the destiny of your dreams, there are 12 steps that can be applied to your life.

Introducing “Inviting in Light”, the first Life in Bloom self-help book focused on sharing holistic healing living information and inspiration, as well as soulful steps every single person can take to let go of attachment and cravings, and invite in the life they deserve. Life in Bloom is dedicated to sharing conscious living and holistic healing tools, resources, recipes, and more to assist you in creating your most vibrant self.