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Heal your relationship with food

Feel like you don’t know what to eat or when? 

Don’t fret, Life in Bloom Nutrition is here to help.

Collectively, we are disconnected from our food, who grows it, and the effect ingesting certain foods can have on our bodies. The mission of Life in Bloom Nutrition is to provide a free repository of healthy, plant-based recipes and fact-checked nutrition articles to help more people heal their relationships with food. It’s never too late to learn how to make food your medicine and medicine your food!

What does a healthy relationship with food look like? 

Most people have some difficulty appreciating the food they eat because they’ve been conditioned to view foods as “bad” or “good”. For example, “This cake will make me fat!” or “I can’t have that – I’m on a diet!”.

The Life in Bloom Nutrition approach is an intuitive and compassionate one. Our clients feel empowered by their knowledge of nutrition and know that “everything in balance” is a good rule to follow. 

A shift in perspective

Our clients learn how to shift from a mentality of “lack” to “abundance” by focusing on what they can have, versus what they can’t. That’s the importance and power of healthy, delicious recipes!

Amazement at your body

You are what you eat – literally! It becomes the cells that make every process possible. When you begin fueling yourself correctly, you’ll notice a difference and have more appreciation for your physical body. 

Simple ingredients

When you understand that our bodies crave whole, unprocessed, and organically grown foods, it becomes easier to perceive foods through a lens of “what does this do for me”? 

Intuitive eating

Our clients learn how to find balance in their approach to healthy eating. Have the cake and eat it, too – but perhaps make a “healthier” gluten-free carrot cake sourced with local ingredients. 

Imagine not obsessing about food 24/7…

When you don’t know what to eat or when, you find yourself obsessing over food without even meaning – or wanting – to.

Our team’s goal is to help you find freedom from the anxiety and self-loathing thoughts that accompany a poor relationship with food. Find freedom today. 

About Mandy Froelich

Founder of Life in Bloom Nutrition

I am passionate about teaching others how to make food their medicine. As a business strategist, Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN), ACE-certified personal trainer, Reiki Master therapist, ISD-certified detoxification specialist, and certified reflexologist, I have made it my mission to help others heal holistically, primarily through adopting healthier diet and lifestyle habits. I also manage a financial planning and business consultancy firm in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

Affordable & Accessible Solutions for Balanced Nutrition 

“I love food. I don’t love spending 12 hours in the kitchen on a Sunday, however. My approach to holistic nutrition and cooking is that it should be affordable, accessible, fun, and delicious. If you’re a fan of all four, sign up for the bi-monthly newsletter and claim your FREE getting started guide!”

– Mandy Froelich, CEO & Chef of Life in Bloom Nutrition

Take Health Into Your Own Hands Today

It’s not easy to start seeing food as the “helper” and not the “enemy”. Unfortunately, there is a plethora of nutrition misinformation on the web. Start simple and explore the facts about nutrition and how to heal your emotional relationship with food. 

“Inviting in Light” has been the long searched for spark that ignited a flame to a better, healthier, and happier life style. It is a heartfelt masterpiece that provided answers to what it means to be happy and what it means to love yourself. I am forever grateful for the lessons I learned from it.

Anna Sharkova

Student, Canada

“Amanda has created a simple, practical, and inspirational book for physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. Inviting in Light contains valuable, clear and concise information on what one needs to look at to awaken into their happy and fulfilled Self. It is an inspired twelve-step guide that is beautifully and thoughtfully presented, ready to take you to the happy life you deserve.”

Jacalyn Beckmann, Costa Rica

Recipes & Articles

Nutritious recipes & advice grounded in wisdom

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Cook healthy meals in the comfort of your home!

This resource includes 80+ plant-based recipes, all the information you need to get started living a healthier lifestyle, AND a 2-week (bonus) menu plan!

From cinnamon-apple oatmeal to African peanut stew, to chocolate espresso cheesecake and sweet potato veggie burgers, there are tons of delectable recipes you are sure to enjoy in this cookbook. All recipes are vegan* – meaning no animal products are utilized, yet are completely delicious and satisfying.

Basic ingredients are used (hardly any tempeh, tofu, or other ‘fake’ animal products recommended), just real, nourishing, and wholesome foods. If you’re not satisfied, we’ll refund your money. *One recipe allows for an egg substitute.

80+ Veggie-Rich Recipes

2-Week Menu Plan

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