4 Facets of Healing

This information has been gifted on part of the Ascended Masters, previous scholars & healers, personal experimentation, and intuited channeling from Source. It is shared freely so that all people may gain a better understanding of not only why they are sick – on any of the following levels – but also how they may regain their health and Bloom for Life.


We in the Western world are quick to reach for pills, surgery, or the latest ‘diet fad’ in order to achieve quick results fast. And for what exactly is remedy being sought? Afflictions of the modern age: debilitating dis-ease, obesity, chronic skin issues, depression, fatigue (lack of energy), poor functioning libido, emotional taxation, and many, many other health issues.

Taught that cutting out the problem or taking a pill will fix it, many find themselves in an even worse state of health after having their sexual organs, gallbladder, appendix, tonsils, and other parts of their bodies removed. But what still persists? That’s right, annoying ‘symptoms’ of a body far from being balanced.

In order to offer ‘cure’, many alternative therapies have popped up, along with diets proclaimed to be the ‘answer’ and ‘cure-all’ remedy the whole world has sought. Many of these therapies have been passed down through the ages, others recently invented by inspired physicians hoping to find an answer to the age-old question that riddles our amnesiac society: “Why are we sick, and how can we heal?”

While the natural therapies have worked for some, others have found instead only frustration. This is because everybody and everybody is different, and especially in this day and age, there are many factors contributing to a lack of wellness.

While it may seem confusing, clarity is offered in these four basic principles for health so you may learn how sickness was made manifest in your body, and the necessary components that need your attention before you become well.


Understand first that ALL illness is rooted in TOXEMIA: chemicals used in households, detergents, foods, large-scale farms, and in beauty products contribute to calcification, toxemia, lowered immune, sluggish lymphatic system, mineral deficiency, and decreased energy – symptoms incredibly common in today’s world. But toxemia doesn’t just accumulate on a physical level, it can be stored in the mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies as well. Co-dependent relationships, unhealthy environments, toxic emotions (anger, hate, jealousy, greed), and residual energies left in locations currently inhabited by others all contribute – and play a larger part than physical all together – in the degeneration, sickness, and feelings of worthlessness that permeate mainstream society.

When the toxic load becomes too much, symptoms appear. These symptoms are actually gifts of the universe helping us understand that something is not working in your life, spiritual & heart matters, and environment…and that change is needed.

If we look at the body and the universe as if it is operating out of chaos, the mainstream (allopathic) route of trying to bring about ‘healing’ makes sense, because it insinuates that there is no divine creator, no infinite intelligence, and that nature does not know what it is doing. But we can easily look to the field of quantum physics, study sacred geometry, align our minds and spirits with fractal art, sit in contemplation in a natural setting (like a park or forest), and honor that tug of ‘knowing’ that lives and breathes within each of our hearts to understand that all life is actually perfect.

On a spiritual quest, you realize that this holographic reality is the ultimate playground for us souls to learn lessons, grow, forgive, and re-connect with Source (God) and attune to our highest selves.

With this realization and knowing, traditional and holistic therapies aren’t absurd or questionable, they make sense. This is what holistic healing is, and why when you pay attention to the 4 Facets of Healing, doors will open up and the path you’ve always wanted to explore will reveal itself to you.

This shared awareness is to help you transcend the chaos, confusion, and rarely shared information that so deservedly needs to be shared on this planet. You CAN heal, and it is your purpose to live in alignment so you may parallel the grand shifts happening and assist others along their journey as well.

4 Facets of Healing

The world – the universe – is rooted in parallels, and not all that has been made manifest was caused just by physiological reasons. Paradoxically, manifestations inhibit the retreat of some of the underlying energetic causes.

For this reason, it is essential we look at the whole spectrum of holistic health and integrate the other aspects (psychological/emotional, mental, and spiritual) that are clearly – without argument – linked to vibrant health and healing.

Disclaimer: All information shared by Bloom for Life in the 4 Facets of Healing is not intended to treat, diagnose, or ‘cure’ any ailment, only offer insight on the many reasons and ways sickness manifests. If you would like to put any of these suggestions into practice, contact, and work with a holistic health professional who operates out of integrity and has credentials you can trust.


One aspect of healing is the physical, the dense reality most of us are largely tuned into.


What you eat literally becomes you. Failure to recognize the impact a cheeseburger or fast-food meal has on you long-term is a huge contributing factor to health degeneration, mental fog, closed energy centers, and ‘depression’ as you ponder your purpose in life.


Choosing the wrong foods can create illness in the following ways. It has been shown that a predominantly plant-based, live food diet with plenty of greens, fermented foods, and mineralizing components is best for thriving long-term and healing regardless of the ‘diagnosis’. Be aware that all disharmony (ie illness) is rooted in Toxemia of ALL four bodies; in alignment with Source, your true self, and natural living, you can heal.


If you consume chemically-treated, refined, deep-fried, and carcinogenic meals, your body will inevitably reach its ‘toxic load’ and these materials will wreak havoc on your physical system.

It is important to detoxify, alkalize, and hydrate to counteract years of bad habits.

Poor Digestion

Leaky gut syndrome, candida fungus, parasites, and more contribute to a host of health problems. These are also linked with allergies, emotional imbalances, and major health-problems diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and Cancer.

Most people need to take enzymes, probiotics and eat way more green, hydrating, alkalizing foods. Switching their diet to include more plant-based, living foods (nuts, seeds, vegetables, fruits,

Stagnant Lymphatic System

Years of bad habits don’t leave your system; they are stuck in the sewer system of your body – the ‘lymphatic system’ – and can be re-absorbed back into the body and continue to contribute to degeneration.

Acid / Alkaline

All processed, animal-based, refined, chemically treated, and artificially-sweetened foods are acid-forming. The human body needs to be alkaline to thrive, and when its nutrient, mineral, and hydration needs aren’t meant, it will leach calcium from the bones to buffer the acidosis.

Pretty soon osteoporosis, low thyroid, weight gain, and other issues linked with this mineral and the throat chakra result. People are not listening or realizing their higher truth and their bodies are physically declining in a result.


Green, sun-fueled, hydrating, mineralizing plant foods are super oxygenating to the system and are full of anti-oxidants that disable free-radical and keep the immune system strong.

If one does not consume enough plant-foods (optimally in their denatured living state), they will lack oxygenation and inevitably experience degeneration of health in the most minor to extreme ways.


Most people are chronically dehydrated but are unaware; therefore they reach for food to satiate their craving(s) when it’s really hydration they want so badly.

Drink more water: you should be consuming at minimum half your body weight in ounces of alkaline, purified water per day.



The human body is made to move! Not ‘exercising’ by running around, playing with your kids, dancing to music, going for a walk in the park, or just being active in daily tasks contributes to a lack of oxygenation in the system, a stagnant lymphatic system (see above), low levels of serotonin (the feel-good chemical), and obesity / being overweight.

It’s easy to move when you feed your body right. Most people I work with that change their diet inevitably feel more inspired to move because for once they have the energy to do so! Eat more greens, drink more water, get plenty of rest

Beauty Products / Hygiene

– What you put on your skin is absorbed directly into your bloodstream. It is critical we become aware of the chemicals, dyes, and toxic fillers in most beauty and hygienic products. Deodorants, for example, have heavy metals directly related to breast cancer, and many beauty products have irritating components that have been produced by companies that support animal testing. One can safeguard their health by buying organic, local, plant-based, cruelty-free products that have no chemicals or toxins and support a healthy environment.


When you sleep, you allow your body to repair, stretch out, rebuild, and detoxify from the previous day’s activities. If you are not sleeping due to health reasons, lack of sleep can inhibit your quest for better health. Most people need 7-9 hours, but from a non-stop mind, late-night habits, poor dietary choices, incessant focus on worrying, or endocrine imbalances do not get that.

As a result, they may experience weight gain, irritability, depression, and a list of other health problems. However, upon changing one’s diet, 78% of people I work with relay better, more refreshing sleep.

Basic tips for better sleep: Do not study in the room you sleep in, stop watching television 2-3 hours before bed, meditate 10 minutes before intending to sleep, do stretching, drink warm chamomile or lavender tea, exclude dairy, eggs, and wheat from your diet, limit noise and distractions, and include more green superfoods (like spirulina and chlorella) into your diet.

Environment (people, places, buildings)

Disconnected from Earth

There’s a great book I recommend called “Earthing” to learn how we – as humans and nature – need to be connected to Mother Earth. This protects us from harmful EMF (electromagnetic frequencies), helps us alkalize, and boosts our immune system. Obviously most people spend their day indoors, drive home in a metal car, and go right into their disconnected house where the sleep amidst wi-fi, radio waves, and plugged in technological gadgets.

What needs to happen is a revolution of people choosing to spend more time outdoors and in contact with the Earth, as disconnect is part of the health epidemic we are experiencing.

Toxic People / Social Ties

Toxic relationships contribute to poor health (see emotional below), like guilt, dependency, and lack of communication stagnate energies in the body and are physiologically tied with the weakened immune systems and lack of feelings of self-worth.

I recommend the book Healthy at 100” by John Robbins to further educate you on the importance of healthy relationships and family social ties have on one’s health.

If you are part of a toxic relationship, both people are suffering, and it’s time you either 1) get out or 2) get real, start communicating, and get to the root of the problem so both of you heal.

Emotional / Psychological

Society portrays showing emotion as a weakness, which is of the most harmful and dangerous beliefs if you ask me.

Inability and refusal to ‘feel’ contributes to major blockages in the energetic field of the human body, which inevitably manifest as physical problems. FEELING is one of the greatest gifts of being a human, as it is through feeling that we access higher levels of consciousness, manifest with intention and focus, and remember our perfection and ‘higher knowing’ which flow as messages through the heart chakra (4th).

Accessing this center and our ability to ‘feel’ is CRITICAL – one of the most important – steps for true, long-lasting healing. Believe it or not, over 3,000 years ago the Chinese physicians knew that before a ‘dis-ease’ could be made manifest on the physical plane, it had to be preceded by something emotional or ‘unseen’. Now that we know this, the work of psychology and ‘changing belief’ is more important than ever.

You – all of us – need to feel, and we need to allow this ‘compass’ to guide us on our path of higher living and path of least resistance. Read the following to see how emotional blockages contribute to illness:

Emotional burdens stored in energetic layers of one’s aura/field will always be present until they are fully felt, dealt with, forgiven, and let go. The angels and your guides (of course Source, God) can help you clear these, but you must be willing to experience and ‘see’ what you have held onto… and let go of the identity attached to it.

An intuitive healer should also be able to help you with this through energy healing or counseling.

An example: anger and hatred are emotions that are often stored in the liver. Inability to love oneself and forgive another can manifest as liver problems and also keep the heart center blocked.

Believing that ‘life is tough, and money is difficult to receive’ will result in lower back pains and expectation of financial struggle, which also affects and keeps the heart chakra blocked.

Suppressed emotions in the physical (cellular) and energetic bodies are similar to above, except they exist on this plane of existence. In “Biology of Belief”, the science of cells and their receptivity to thought vibration are clearly shown to be linked to patterns that exist in genetics (cellular memory), and the stories people cling to (“I can’t heal…”, “My grandma had it, so I’ll get it”). The truth is, your body hears every word you tell it – whether in your mind to ‘yourself’, or to the reflection in the mirror. You think it, it responds. So if one believes and FEELS sickness, it will result. Mind-mapping and changing feeling is closely tied with conscious creating (mental), except that feeling underlies it all and is, obviously, the mental body that needs most attention.

Spiritual & Karmic

Without debate, we are spiritual beings inhabiting ‘human bodies’ to experience duality (we are and stem from ‘love’). What most people forget is that they know this too, except have closed down their energetic centers and seat of intuition (heart and brow chakra)… and therefore are experiencing a bit of ‘spiritual amnesia’ as they go through this incredible school called ‘life’.

Knowing the ‘rules’ or how the universe operates will help millions of people awaken to their ‘higher selves’, purpose, and Source; such action will also enable them to become aware and choose change – but ONLY if they desire. They have free will after all.

All religions are doors to the same mansion. The idea is one-ness and awareness of self and higher purpose, so no ‘religion’ is needed to allow spiritual and karmic healing to take place. Open or not to this facet of healing, the many ways blocks in this area can manifest as sickness follow:

Dark energies: souls trapped in inter-dimensional planes of existence due to their own guilt and inability to forgive themselves may ‘haunt’ or hang around certain locations. They can even attach to individuals if their life force field is weakened (through alcohol, mental abuse, drugs, etc…). Though all stems from the highest good, they are ’stuck’ on this plane of duality, and can negatively influence individuals (not the same as possession). It is important they work with an energy healer (reiki practitioner or psychic intuitive) to channel the highest good and help rid one’s soul and body of lower vibrational forces.

A healer of spiritual and karmic blocks (in their true integrity) can (with the force of the angels, spirit guides, and Source God) transcend these beings onward and to the highest good.

**Incredible healing has resulted from attached beings being removed, and people re-claiming their own power and intention to heal.

Blockages & vortexes in one’s field: When one participates in Ouija boards, dark ceremonies, and other ‘hoo-ha’ rituals for a laugh, they can actually open up vortexes to the underworld (not all is of the highest good on this plane), which can attach to them through life and cause issues in relationships, health, job, etc… (See above).

These need to be cleared and transcended for miraculous healing to take place.

Soul ‘pieces’ left in traumatic experiences (time does not exist, just parallel existence, so sometimes a person can become fragmented – think PTSD – and continually regress and live out trauma).

*“Soul Retrieval” is a shamanic healing art that can help clear and assist the individual to retrieve their soul pieces; often one feels more ‘them’ after a ceremony, and sometimes aspects of their life get much better as well.

Possession & ‘Outside Influence’: Demonic possession is absolutely real. Whether one believes in it or not, allowing in low-vibrational forces can screw with people’s mental habits, relationships, and physical health.

Past Life Karma

We may be doing our best to be good citizens of Earth and love each other, but we haven’t always had positive past lives. (If you’re skeptical about past lives, I suggest you look into hypnotherapy regression and the clinical case studies affirming thousands of accurate regressions recalling previous lives, dates, addresses, etc…)

It is part of our ‘school’ and purpose to experience, for it is experience that we learn and grow as individual aspects of the whole.

Sometimes there are ‘karmas’ we must work through (or have chosen to experience in this lifetime – Example: you hurt a loved one in a past life, therefore chose to come back to this time where they do something similar – your life path blueprint).

Acknowledging this can help us understand and more easily forgive others who may have hurt us… while also forgiving ourselves. This plane is duality, but it is beautiful when we can perceive it from a higher, more objective perspective.

It is essential the spiritual and karmic bodies be cleared and taken care of. Do not mistake ‘outside forces’ as ‘excuses’ for poor dietary and lifestyle behavior. YOU have the ultimate power to heal (as you are Source made manifest), though need to be aware of influences that may be part of your inability to fully “let go” and heal.


Do you think too much and are proud of it? Become the master of your mind and let go of the incessant ‘need’ to overthink, worry, and shame yourself or others. Letting your ‘ego’ rule you is linked to health issues:

Leading with the head instead of the heart: blocked 4th chakra, inability to relate and listen to intuition. This causes one to worry excessively.

Thoughts create realities; failure to acknowledge and act upon this truth creates a vortex of chaos and confusion. It is essential people become aware of the vibrational operating system of the universe and the “Law of Attraction” to become empowered and start consciously creating lives health and healing.

Poor mental concentration or ability to focus due to overstimulation of societal pressures (television, magazines, social influence); the result is lack of meditation and control of the mind. In this state, the “Ego” controls one’s impulses and thought-forms. This is why ‘control of the mental body’ through awareness and detachment is critical; it allows transformational growth on all planes of existence.  

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This is the future of holistic healing. There is not one single cause to ‘illness’ or debilitating di-ease, but we – as physicians of the future – can work with all systems of the body and empower each other to ‘self-heal’ as intended, for it is our purpose to Bloom for Life!


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