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10 Healthy and Affordable Meals You Should Try This Year

New year, new you? If you’re in need of some healthy and affordable meals inspiration, then check out this list.

Healthy Vegan Options To Junk Food

With the recent surge of these healthy vegan options to junk food, more people are becoming less likely to defeat the purpose of their healthy lifestyle.

Simple Chocolate Turtles [Vegan]

By Mandy Froelich / Life in Bloom Hey, lovelies! Following the re-release of the Delectable Juices & Smoothies eBook, I decided to whip up a new treat. It’s been too long, truly. This simple treat is a vegan variation of traditional chocolate turtles. It’s also...

Simple Herbed Crostini [Vegan]

This delicious recipe for herbed crostini is very simple to make. Most importantly, it goes along perfectly with salads and soups!