[From The Aquarian Teacher: KRI Teacher Training Level One Manual]

First Body: Soul Body

  • The spark of the Infinite that resides in the core of your being.
  • Qualities: Humility, creativity. Realizing the eternal nature of your soul, so you naturally embody humility and creativity.
  • Key phrase: “Heart over Head” – Yogi Bhajan said that when the head rules, the head and heart are both wrong; when the heart rules, the head and heart are both right.
  • Mastery: Come from a place of great humility. Let every breath travel the thread of Light which connects you to the vast origin of the Creation. In this way each thought and action will effortlessly flow with the natural creativity of the Divine.
  • If Imbalanced, weak: You come from the head instead of the heart. When this body is not nurtured, the tendency is to rely on the intellect instead of the intuition. This leads to confusion and frustration as the relaxed creative flow is blocked by a feeling of separation from the celestial source.
  • Key to Balancing: A spiritual practice that empowers you to raise your consciousness (the Kundalini energy) and to open your heart to the Divine.

Second Body: Negative (Protective) Mind

  • Identifies possible dangers or shortcomings in a situation. Expresses protective caution about the future, sees the downside or pitfalls in every situation out of a genuine sense of caring.
  • Qualities: Conservative containment, discipline to avoid the precarious
  • Key phrase: “The Longing to Belong” –Your soul longs to unite with the Infinite.
  • Mastery: gives form to the creativity of your Soul Body by developing the discernment to identify potential dangers and set protective boundaries. Through the resulting sense of safety, your soul’s longing is satisfied by connecting deeply to its own God Self.
  • If imbalanced, weak: Poor choices in relationships; easily fooled, can’t recognize potential danger. If too strong: immobilized by imagined dangers and negative attitude towards the future.
  • Key to Balancing: To strengthen, exercise your discipline; develop conscious relationships of integrity, feel deserving enough to defend yourself. To balance if too strong, develop the Positive Mind by modeling the behaviors of those who are successful in their expression of enthusiasm, trust and hope.
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Third Body: Positive (Expansive) Mind

  • You elevate others through your enthusiastic, trusting and hopeful energetic projection.
  • Qualities: Equality, positivity
  • Key phrase: “Devil or Divine” – You have a tendency to flip from one to the other..
  • Mastery: effortlessly charismatic yet humble; you’re naturally playful, optimistic and full of humor; these qualities easily inspire others to be positive about the future
  • If imbalanced: If weak, you may be overwhelmed by negative thoughts, which can lead to depression, hopelessness, anger or intolerance. Fear of expressing your power because of the responsibility that comes with it may also occur. If too strong, you may make foolish choices and possibly lead others to, as your influential positive projection, obscures the perception of possible dangers.
  • Key to Balancing: If too weak, strengthen your Navel Point (Third Chakra); be more assertive, use positive affirmations and model the hopeful behaviors of those people with a strong positive projection. If too strong – strengthen your Negative Mind by modeling the behaviors of people who are successful in protecting themselves, making well educated decisions concerning the future and sensing potential challenges.

Fourth Body: Neutral (Meditative) Mind

  • Is seduced by neither the negative nor positive intellect, rather dwells in the tranquility of non-emotional intuition.
  • Qualities: Service, compassion, integration, balance, wisdom
  • Key phrase: “Cup of Prayer” –No argument regarding its fullness or emptiness, just an appreciation of the gift of its existence.
  • Mastery: a calm and clear perception of the essence of any situation; access to the wisdom of the soul by disengaging from intellectual argument and its associated emotionality, through development of the intuition and  meditative mind
  • If weak: feeling victimized and immobilized by contradictory thoughts and emotions, lacking intuition and dwelling in intellectual argument
  • Key to Balancing: Learn to meditate and consciously choose to drop argumentative behaviors; replace the habit of intellectual bickering with the calm, clear and confident perception that flows from your deepest meditative experiences

Fifth Body: Physical Body

  • The sacred, living, human form that houses the soul, through which enlightenment and service to humanity are manifested
  • Qualities: Sacrifice, balance, teacher. The strength and balance to guide and elevate others.
  • Key phrase: “Be Balanced and Teach”
  • Mastery: Represent the teacher who is able to take abstractions and explain them to anyone; ability to balance all parts of your life without extremes like laziness or fanaticism. Realize that your physical body is a vehicle through which the other bodies find expression; then use your vitality to meet others at their level and elevate them by sharing the technologies of consciousness
  • If imbalanced: If weak – angry, jealous, greedy, fatigued, and ungrateful; lack of equilibrium between inner and outer experience; poor verbal expression; feelings that the body can’t support your needs; fear of teaching. If too strong, obsession with physical appearance, physical abilities and the material world.
  • Key to Balancing: Develop a routine that keeps the body strong and flexible; extend your energy to elevate others by teaching the sacred methods that support the health of body, mind, and spirit.
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Sixth Body: Arcline

  • The arcline extends from ear to ear, across the hairline and brow; it’s your halo, the nucleus of the aura and avenue of intuition. It is associated with the pituitary gland, regulates the nervous system, glandular balance and subtle perceptivity.
  • Women have a second arcline reaching across the chest from nipple to nipple; it is extremely sensitive in its parallel function of perception, protection and projection.
  • Qualitites: Justice, integrity, protection, projection, perception and intuition.
  • Key Phrase “Person at Prayer” –Balance between physical and cosmic realms and between word and deed.
  • Mastery: Ability to focus, to concentrate, to meditate; the intuition of the Sixth Body will protect you; the congruence of your inner reality with your external actions will carry great power.
  • If weak: overprotective; easily influenced; inconsistent in mood and behavior due to glandular imbalance; unable to focus or manifest prayers
  • Key to Balancing: awaken the pituitary gland (Sixth Chakra) through activities like pranayama, meditation and healthfully refined lifestyle choices.

Seventh Body: Auric Body

  • The aura is the electromagnetic field that surrounds your body; it contains, projects and interacts with the energetic life force, it usually extends three to nine feet beyond the physical body.
  • Qualities: Mercy, security, love, celestial charisma
  • Key phrase: “Platform of Elevation”
  • Mastery: Projects positivity and repels negativity, like a shield; illness cannot penetrate to your physical body; radiates a magnetic security and an inspiring, merciful presence
  • If weak: constrictive, paranoid, lack self-trust; negativity can penetrate into the psyche and physical body; there may be a tendency to conform to please others by over expressing yourself
  • Key to Balancing: practice meditation, pranayam, vigorous yoga, martial arts. Wearing white clothing made of natural fibers gives about a 12 inch boost to the aura. Work on the Eighth Chakra; be mindful of the positive effects of water, internally and externally.

Eighth Body: Pranic Body

  • Prana, the subtle spark of life energy, is carried on the breath and is our living connection to the Infinite
  • Qualities: Purity, energy, fearlessness, self-initiation, balance of polarities
  • Key phrase: “Finite to Infinite”
  • Mastery: Fearless, fully alive, at one with all creation; unshakable; vigorously self-motivated to achieve goals; fully integrated female and male aspects of self.
  • If weak: constant low-level anxiety and fatigue; looks too much to food or stimulants for energy; fearful, defensive, imbalanced, blaming
  • Key to Balancing: all pranayam, vigorous exercise, martial arts
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Ninth Body: Subtle Body

  • The subtle perceptual ability to sense the Infinite and universal reality within the material and physical; your connection to the Akashic records (the non-physical imprint of all experience)
  • Qualities: Calmness, subtlety, mastery, intuitive, insightful
  • Key phrase: “Mastery or Mystery”
  • Mastery: Have great finesse and tranquility; can see the unseen and know the unknown; can foresee the long term consequences of actions and events
  • If weak: naïve and easily fooled, unintentionally crude or rough in speech or behavior; restless; feel misunderstood and frustrated
  • Key to Balancing: Practice any meditation or kriya for 1,000 days; relate to the mastery of the technologies of consciousness rather than the mystery of consciousness.

Tenth Body: Radiant Body

  • The Radiant Body gives spiritual royalty and radiance.
  • Qualities: Royal courage, creativity, radiance, nobility
  • Key phrase: “All or Nothing”
  • Mastery: courageous and creative regardless of any obstacle or fear; radiates a royal excellence and exceeds all expectations.
  • If weak: avoids conflict, shy; feels ineffective and unable overcome fear; energy levels fluctuate.
  • Key to Balancing: unwavering commitment to spiritual values; keep the hair unshorn, as it governs and energizes the Radiant Body.
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Eleventh Embodiment: Parallel ‘Unison-ness’

  • The Eleventh Body contains all Ten Bodies and represents the sound current, the vibratory basis of all of existence. It is in play when your humanity and divinity become one.
  • Qualities: Divine vision, the embodiment of Truth, the absence of duality, tranquil completion
  • Key phrase: “Infinity” “See God in all, or don’t see God at All.”
  • Mastery: my identity is Sat Nam; “God and me, me and God are one.” Complete integration of the finite and the Infinite so everything is experienced as God’s play. Complete acceptance of, and unity with, the will of God.
  • Key to Balancing: meditatively recite the words of the Siri Guru Granth Sahib; Use Nam Simran (the continual, repetition of sacred mantra within the mind) to tap into the sound current. You can direct all parts of your being from an impersonal, expansive space that allows Infinity to flow through you at all times.

 “When the God in you, and the human in you are in parallel unisonness, then you are an 11. You have no duality, you have divine vision, and the truth flows from you. You don’t have to find anything outside of you. The jewels are all in you – you are rich inside, you have satisfaction and contentment.”

How to keep your 10 bodies in harmony

Follow along with the following video to keep your 10 bodies balanced and in alignment.