People are often setting personal goals for themselves. Some may big life-changing such as trying for a baby, whereas others may be small like becoming more organized or not being late for work. Regardless of the goals you set your mind to, it’s important to remember that there are little benchmarks that can go a long way in nourishing your mind, body, and soul.


It can be far too easy to get caught up with our ever-growing to-do lists and worry about how we are ever going to complete them, so it’s essential that you give your brain some breathing space. After all, you need your brain to be working properly, in order for everything else to run smooth. Here are some of the ways you can nourish your mind: 

  • Take some time away from online. 
  • Meditate every morning. This can be a great way to help you face each and every day with a positive and go-getter attitude. 
  • Read 20 pages of a book a day. 
  • Keep a journal, writing down your thoughts and feeling for each day can help take the weight off. 
  • Get up when your alarm goes off, getting up and ready for the day ahead help to put in a positive frame of mind. 
  • Limit your screentime after work. Who wants to spend hours online or in front of the tv after spending all day at work anyway?
  • Keep a diary of the thing in life you are grateful for. Remembering all the good in your life can really help to keep you positive. 
  • Have a media detox. Sometimes you can get into a bad routine with media, taking a break will help you to stay away from any negatives impact of touch much media, especially social media. 
  • Take a day just for you. Always make sure you take some time to revitalise and take care of you. 
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We are all aware of how important exercise is, however, at times it can be difficult to find the motivation to do it. As well as the time. If you break this down into smaller, more manageable chunks, you will find it so much easier to find something you love and can stick to. Here are some of the ways you can nourish your body: 

  • Walk before or after lunch. Making this part of your routine is like adding in hidden exercise. 
  • Drink herbal tea instead of coffee or soda. This helps to minimise the amount of caffeine that you consume and can be better for you. 
  • Try to squeeze in 10 mins of exercise per day. Really think about your routine, it’s likely that you can find just 10 minutes a day to look after your health. 
  • Eat more fruit and vegetables. Think about adding one extra vegetable to your plate and snack on fruit. 
  • Complete 30 days of yoga. This is not only a great method of relaxation, but it is also an easy exercise for beginners to start. 
  • Meal prep to help eat better. This is a fantastic way to ensure you are eating a well-balanced diet.
  • Develop a workout routine that you love and look forward to. You’re never going to stick to a routine if you don’t enjoy it, so, make time for a workout plan that you know you’re going to enjoy. 
  • Drink more water. 
  • Do the 30-day squat challenge. This is a great way to kick start any exercise plan and can easily fit into the 10 minutes. 
  • Try a new type of exercise. Finding new exercises can make a workout plan much more interesting and less of a chore. 


The soul, also known as the spirit. Is going to mean something different to each individual. But, it is something that makes up who you are as well as you body and mind. Whether it involves things like relationships, job, religion, interests, or hobbies, however, you define soul it’s important that you take care of it and do what makes you happy. Here of some of things you can do to nourish your soul: 

  • Go to bed at a good hour
  • Explore new places. 
  • Learn something new. 
  • Declutter your home. 
  • Get started on a job you’ve been putting off. 
  • Go au natural with your hair and makeup. Give yourself a break. 
  • Volunteer. This is good for you and others, even if it’s just for one day. 
  • Reach out to others. It may not be for you, reaching out to others can help to nourish your soul, but also help others too. 

Hopefully, this post shows you that you don’t need to be hard on yourself and set yourself huge goals that are unrealistic. Small goals and small tasks are all you need to nourish your mind, boy, and soul. Is there any small goals that you working towards that are helping you to grow? Please share some in the comments below. 

Lead image: Retha Ferguson from Pexels