It is possible to live more sustainably when you have the right knowledge, tools, and motivation. It may not be easy at first but once you start doing it more you’ll find that living a green lifestyle is feasible and rewarding.

The New Year is a chance to change habits and do your part in helping to improve the environment. Ready to get started? Here are four simple and easy ways to go green in the New Year. Even small changes can add up to major impacts in your area, which will then spill over into the larger universe. Implementing these tips will ensure you’re living greener and doing your part.

1. Work from Home & Drive Less

Choose to drive less if you want to live greener and help the environment in the New Year. If you can, find a flexible career that provides you the opportunity to work from home such as with Commodities Trading. Not only that but you can be picky about what commodities you decide to trade and support based on your desire to go green. Reduce your carbon footprint by staying at home more or carpooling or riding your bike around when you do have to leave.

2. Be Choosy about the Products You Buy & Use

Be mindful and selective about what products you buy if you want to live a more eco-friendly life in the New Year. Read the labels on beauty products, for example, and know what ingredients you’re choosing to purchase and use. Also, consider boycotting the products out there that endanger wildlife and test ingredients on animals. Avoid plastic whenever possible and think about supporting companies that have green policies and green practices in place. Another idea is to make your own natural household cleaners instead of purchasing them.

3. Reduce Water & Energy Use at Home

You can green your home as a simple and easy way to live sustainably in the New Year. Try to use less energy and keep your home well-insulated to be more sustainable at home. In addition, make sure you’re reusing and recycling items whenever possible. Replace old and dingy light bulbs with more energy-efficient options. You may even want to consider upgrading to solar, which offers several environmentally friendly benefits. 

Skip the bottled water altogether and don’t even buy it. Instead, choose to drink city or tap water at home and bring a reusable water bottle with you on the go. You can also conserve water by taking shorter showers and fixing any leaking toilets or sinks. There are also water-saving shower heads you can install these days. If you have old appliances then it might be time for a new and more energy-efficient dishwasher, for example.

4. Donate Your Items

Another simple and easy way to go green in the New Year is to donate your items. Tackle all your clutter and instead of throwing away clothes that don’t fit or kitchen supplies you don’t use anymore, give them away to someone who will use it. Consider shopping at thrift stores as well which will allow you to save money and support your local community. If you find leftover containers or have glass jars you can also choose to repurpose them instead of throwing them out or getting rid of them.

Featured image: Pexels