Today’s fast-paced world leaves little time to take a step back, connect with your inner self, and cultivate your spirituality. With so many responsibilities and commitments, it can be difficult to find the time needed for self-reflection and nurturing that mind-body connection. However, mindfulness training and other spiritual practices are beneficial for everyone, no matter how busy you may feel. In order to make time for spirituality in your life, you need to create space where you can think clearly and process emotions without interference or unnecessary distractions. This will not only help you feel more at peace with your place in the world but help guide you toward a healthier state of mind in general. Here are a few time-cheap ways to keep up your spiritual practice in everyday life.

Set daily rituals

An important habit for cultivating spirituality is setting rituals that force you to focus on yourself. Practicing meditation, journaling, or a yoga routine can serve as a form of self-care that allows you to replenish and recharge. Creating a sacred space for your spirituality allows you to regularly connect with yourself and find your center, which can help you stay grounded and focused during the day ahead.

Daily rituals can also help you stay away from distractions and focus more on what’s important in your life. Set aside time each day where you can think, ponder, and process your thoughts without being interrupted. This can be as simple as turning off your phone and sitting in silence. Daily rituals can also act as a bridge between work and home life. By setting rituals that help you transition between activities and roles throughout the day, you can more easily stay connected with your life beyond your responsibilities.

Exercise and practice self-care

Regular exercise is an important component of self-care and cultivating spirituality. Physical activity has profound benefits for health, including lowering stress and anxiety, improving sleep quality, and strengthening your immune system. Regular exercise also has powerful emotional benefits, including improved mood and feelings of self-worth. Therefore, incorporating exercise into your daily routine is not only a great way to stay healthy, but it can also help you cultivate self-care. 

Self-care is important for cultivating spirituality because it allows you to remain compassionate and loving to yourself. When life is difficult or overwhelming, it’s easy to forget about your own needs and feelings. By being kind to yourself and practicing self-care, you can better meet the needs of your own psyche and mind. Self-care can include things like taking a break from your routine, soothing yourself using guided meditation apps, or engaging in activities that help you relax like yoga or mindfulness.

Keep a grounding token on you

When you feel overwhelmed and over-focused on work or other commitments, it can be helpful to keep a grounding token on you. Keeping a small object that reminds you to stay grounded can be helpful for staying present and focused. Examples include a rock, a trinket of personal significance, or a spiritual item such as mala beads. If you’re wondering “what are mala beads?”, they are a string of beads often used in the practice of Indian religions such as Buddhism, Sikhism, and Hinduism. They consist of a string of beads, often made of some precious stone, animal bones, wood, or glass. While mala beads are traditionally used in association with these spiritual practices, they can serve as a good reminder to focus on your affirmations, manifestations, and meditative practices. 

Connect with your loved ones regularly

Social media and technology have transformed the way we communicate and keep in touch with our loved ones. However, constant connectivity and interactions with screens can take a toll on our relationships. Interacting with and communicating with loved ones face-to-face can provide valuable insight and understanding that can’t be achieved through digital media. Regular face-to-face interactions with loved ones can provide extra support and help build close connections with family and friends. Interacting with your loved ones face-to-face can help you cultivate self-compassion and find new strength in your existing relationships.


Spirituality is important for every person in life. It’s important to prioritize time for self-reflection and cultivating spirituality in your life. There is no better way to relax, recharge, and simplify your life than by connecting with your inner self. Daily rituals, exercising, and keeping a grounding token on you are all great ways to build time for self-reflection in your life. Make sure to schedule time for self-care and connecting with yourself as a way to stay grounded and keep your mind clear of unnecessary noise. If you notice you’re feeling overwhelmed or stressed out, take a moment to breathe and stay grounded so you can approach life with a renewed sense of energy. 

Image from: Pixabay on Pexels