Following is a rough transcript of my talk at the South Dakota Yoga Conference:

Hi, folks. And thank you for choosing to participate in this class.

My name is Mandy Froelich, and I am a student — but also a teacher. Over the past 6 or so years, I’ve worked all around the world (including Thailand, Costa Rica, Bali, and Africa) as a plant-based chef, bodyworker, holistic nutritionist, and writer. If you want to learn more about my services or book a session — let’s talk afterward.

Today, we’re going to talk about the Divine Feminine, what is it, how it plays a role in each of our lives, and how to dance with this aspect of our beings — and the Highest being — to live better, more fulfilling lives.


I remember the first week I spent in Costa Rica. After I got off the plane and ventured the hour to San Isidro, then the Dominical Valley, I met a ton of lovely people. Then, the next day, I got sick. Kind of like I am now, but way worse. For five days, I was bedridden and could only sip down water and orange juice.

For days, I went in and out of fever deliria. Then one day, I felt way, way better. On that day, I chose to cleanse myself, which I learned later was physical and spiritual, in the Farm of Life’s cold pool. It’s a stone pool that collects natural, spring water from the mountain. I was still in something of a fever state, but the cold water felt good against my parched skin.

I was weak, but I also felt stronger in a way. Through conversation, I later learned that it was because I had “detoxed” to live in a state of a higher vibration, so I could match the valley and the collective community of people who lived there. I believe this is true, because while I was in this cold pool, I had one of my first visions.

I was dunking my body under the water when I saw a black panther staring at me. It talked to me and said, “Welcome, sister. It’s time to reclaim your divinity.” And I don’t know what, but something came over me and all of a sudden, I wanted to stand naked in the pool, stretch out my arms above me, and exalt in the beauty around me. I did exactly this, and I changed as a result.

I learned what experiencing vulnerability and divinity at once is like — and I loved it. In fact, in the years since, I have craved it. And that’s why I am now very passionate about the Divine Feminine.


What is the Divine Feminine?

The Divine Feminine is an aspect of the One creator which embodies both masculine and female energies. As extensions of Source, we are made up of both of these energies, as well.

As Teal Swan explains, we live in a dimension of contrast for the purpose of expansion. By this, I mean polar energies. For centuries, these energies have been referred to as yin and yang or the god and goddess.

The divine feminine is represented by the goddess; the divine masculine is represented by the god. On this plane, the divine feminine represents these aspects of the universe: restoration, life, creation, renewal, birth, healing, receptivity, openness, motherhood, nurturing, love, understanding, compassion, insight, intuition, wisdom, forgiveness, the moon, connection, harmony, and sensuality.


As you may have noticed, these qualities aren’t very prevalent on our planet. In fact, those who tend to embody these characteristics tend to be shunned or shamed in modern societies. This is because the modern world is very out of touch with the divine feminine.

Women today have been taught to suppress their sensual and divine nature. Men have too, by buying into the belief that they have to “be strong, hide emotion, and never cry.” The truth is, ladies and gentlemen, that embracing the Divine Feminine is necessary for expansion and the growth of consciousness.

If the two cosmic forces are not in balance, destruction, greed, and ignorance rule. Need examples?  The environment is being pillaged by humans because our innate connection to nature is being ignored. Women all around the world are being raped because power-hungry men have been taught (and now believe) that they somehow have the right to exert their force on others. Similarly, millions of cows are forcibly impregnated and separated from their calves at birth, highlighting mankind’s disconnect from our mothers and the Divine Feminine. Need I go on?

A revolution is needed — a revolution of the Divine Feminine. And, it begins by re-establishing your connection to her.


5 Ways to Embrace the Divine Feminine

These last five years have been a whirlwind adventure. As I’ve woken up to my true nature, I’ve had to overcome so much self-doubt, lack of love, fear, hate, frustration, anger, and jealousy. But the decision to do so has brought me close to the Divine Feminine, and it has enriched my life greatly.

Following are 5 ways to embrace the divine feminine:

1) Open up and allow yourself to create!

Women, especially, are natural creators. This is why we were endowed with the ability to create life. When we are out of this aspect of our being, we cannot create. To awaken your creative energies, start doing art — anything that calls to you!

You could join a pottery class, start making music, write poetry in your free time, learn the craft of jewelry-making, or learn photography. The options are endless!

2) Collaborate and share space with other women

If you’ve been in resistance to your own womanhood or gathering with other women, collaborating and sharing space with other females will help you connect to the divine feminine. This is why the red tent movement is growing in popularity — and was understood by past cultures.

Attend or host a women’s group that is centered on a feminine subject, such as menstruation, pregnancy, or relationships. Then, open up the floor to discussion and surrender; observe your thoughts, be witness to where they come from, and identify the root cause of “false” thinking that has led you to develop habits and beliefs that no longer serve you. Whenever women gather in a room, the energy will always tend toward healing.

Note: If men desire to attend the gathering, let them! The “no guys allowed” attitude is not healthy and fuels division and misunderstanding between the sexes. Those who seek to partake are not threatened by the divine feminine, so it should be much easier for you to express your divine feminine around them. If it is a difficult task to explore the feminine side of you with a man in the room, that is not normal. In fact, it is only a byproduct of women being taught to suppress their femininity.

Learn from men (who need to explore their feminine side, as well) and allow them to learn from you. That is our purpose on this planet, after all.


3) Explore Your Sensuality

Sex, sensuality, and emotion are taboo in our society. Is it a surprise? We connect to the divine feminine through these tools. That’s why if you seek to embrace the divine feminine, you need to explore your sensual side.

The divine feminine is beauty incarnate. And as such, it can’t help but deliver beauty, love, and ecstasy to those who surrender to it. Religion has deemed such experiences “sin,” however, turning many people off to the idea of connecting with an aspect of their — all of our — Higher Selves. This is not healthy, as I explained earlier.

Celebrate and enjoy beauty in your life. Allow yourself to enjoy sensual pleasures, such as a warm bubble bath, yoga in the hot sun, or a cup of hot cocoa with a lover on a rainy evening. Part of exploring your sensuality is to open up to your full sexuality. Our bodies should not be off limits to us, so get to know yours intimately.

This can be an awkward topic for many people, but it really shouldn’t be. Sex is nature, and the masculine/feminine aspects in the natural world are so evident. Look at these next slides:

4) Explore your ideas and feelings toward motherhood — and take steps to heal

Whether or not you want kids or already have kids, most of us have deep-rooted issues with motherhood and our own bodies. Either we are in a state of deep resistance about motherhood, or we feel it is our only way to make a significant difference on this planet. As Teal Swan explains, neither of these helps us become healthy, grounded individuals.

To heal your relationship to the divine feminine, contemplate your relationship with your mother. If you have resistance to your mother, you have resistance to the divine feminine within you. In order to come into your feminine essence, you need to heal the relationship between you and your mother.


This is no easy request — I get that. But, it is necessary. You don’t have to become best friends with your mother. But, you need to connect with her as a spiritual being and empathize with her experience to understand why she is the way she is, and/or why she may have treated you certain ways growing up.

Fortunately, your mom doesn’t need to be alive to heal the relationship. While meditating, visualize yourself cutting cords with your mother. Let go of damaging thoughts and ideas that were passed down to you, and shed the layers of ancestral karma that have influenced not only you, but the other women in your family.

In an aligned, empathetic state, see your mother as she is — a beloved child of God. Cultivate compassion for her journey, set yourself free from her influence, and love the lessons she did pass down to you. As you heal your relationship with your mother, you will inevitably grow closer to the divine feminine.

While in meditation, visualize separating yourself from your mother. Only in your own space can you observe the relationship and let go of damaging ideas that were passed onto you and free yourself from ancestral karma.

5) Cultivate openness, love, compassion, and kindness toward the world and toward yourself

Modern society has taught us to push ourselves to the limit, that we’re never good enough, and that this world is a dismal, horrible place. In reality, this existence is completely neutral, we just choose how to perceive it (isn’t that the kicker?).

When we live in a go-go-go mentality, we push our bodies so hard there is no room for qualities such as openness, love, compassion, and kindness. This is a problem, as we need these to thrive.

If a human baby receives, food, shelter, and warmth, he will still die. Why? Because love is a requirement of existing. We expect adults to survive without friends and encouraging, loving messages. Is it really so curious as to why so many people commit suicide?

As women and men who are embracing the divine feminine, we need to embody those traits of the divine feminine, which include compassion, love, and generosity. We need to “be the change” we want to see, not only for others but also for ourselves.

As we act in this way, we invite in the divine feminine and happiness flourishes as a result. If you seek to improve your worldview, your personal well-being, and make the world a better one for others, allow the divine feminine and her beautiful characteristics to flow through you.


So, there we are. These are five of many ways to embrace the divine feminine. Some others we can talk about before we run out of time include doing meditations that are aimed specifically at connecting to the divine feminine, examining your resistance to being female on ALL levels (you chose to incarnate as a female, what resistance do you have to it on the physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional planes?), and by embracing your own body.

In conclusion, our world desperately needs to embrace the divine feminine. It doesn’t need to be cultivated, because it already is. That aspect of ourselves and the greater part of ALL needs to be acknowledged and set free, so that our species tends towards peace, love, and kindness, instead of greed, war, and fear-mongering.

This ever-present energy will immediately shine on its own if you make an effort to connect with it. All that’s required is for you to make an effort.