“Errrrr….. Is that the alarm already? I don’t want to get out of bed….*snooooooore***” Sound familiar?
It seems everyone dreads the morning alarm, the annoying noise which never fails to remind you you’ve got work to do… that is, most everyone that doesn’t know the secrets that change your snoozy snores into wanting to bound out of bed in the morning….
Here are the 5 practices that if you adopt, you won’t only feel more vibrant throughout your day, but soon enough you’ll have plenty of energy that you’ll be telling the alarm its late!

1) 5 Deep Breaths Upon Awakening

Once you’re aware where you are at, that you have plenty of time, and are about to begin your day – take a minute or two to take 5 DEEP cleansing breaths. Inhale slowly through your nose and fill up your entire abdomen, hold the nourishing, healing oxygen in, then let it slowly escape through your mouth.
Imagine all the frustrations, impurities, and grogginess you might still be experiencing leaving your body with each breath, and each inhale of oxygen as pure, radiating white light which will fill you up and leave you clean and energized.
The reason these 5 breaths are so important, is that it’s a great way to rebalance your energy and align your thoughts, increase oxygenation of your body right away (which is always a great thing), and of course wake you up!

2) Morning Green Juice or Smoothie

Want to transform your day? Start it off right with the most nourishing drink you can create in your kitchen! Here are 2 examples: Basic Green Smoothie & Basic Green Juice!
Enliven your entire being with abundant supply of nutrients, live energy, enzymes, and plant fiber (or pure electricity if you’re juicing)!
It’s guaranteed to make you feel great and before you know it you will start seeing your body come more into balance just by starting to include these delicious breakfast options: this can include losing weight, getting better skin, having more energy, sleeping better, and having a brighter, happier attitude! Who can say no to that?!

3) Stretching!

Sometimes you’re so stiff getting out of bed the last thing you want to do is to STRETCH. But hold on my friend, it’s worth it, I promise you!
Cats, one of nature’s most limber animals always stretch, yawn, and feel their bodies into a comfortable rhythm whether standing after a long nap or slinking to the food bowl. If you also look, you’ll realize that they hold little to no stress in their bodies (unless in tense situations) and are the masters at being completely relaxed. Test this by gently feeling the calf muscle of the cat and nicely pressing until you feel their interior leg bone… Can YOU do that?
 Didn’t think so – we tend to hold immense amounts of stress in our bodies, stretching is a great way to learn to alleviate tension and go about your day with less pressure which will automatically make you feel better!

4) Gratitude List

This is one of my favorites – I talk in my latest video HERE about how vision boards and gratitude are the most important tools to change your life and that Your life right now is a reflection of your previous thoughts, therefore you want to start and keep positive change coming to you all the time! Do this by each morning (while stretching or breathing) listing 5 things you are super grateful for and then thank God/Universe/Spirit for your beautiful, enormously pleasing life.
This exercise tends to make people happier automatically – and by sending positive thoughts out into the universe, you will be bringing positive situations and feelings back into your life 10x!
Want more to be grateful for? List situations you are happy for even if you have yet to receive them…. Your thoughts and feelings are mega powerful – enliven your life with this important daily practice! 🙂

5) Plan out your day –

And my favorite – being somewhat of a perfectionist aka control freak (working on it!!) I really like to plan ahead all the busy things I want to get done that day! Even if you’re not the planning type and lists maybe freak you out – just organizing a basic outline of what you’d like to accomplish can not only help you set good intention to be productive, but can also strengthen your 4th Chakra (Will Power – Solar Plexus) and help you in the future to follow your goals, manifest your dreams, and gain more motivation and will to follow through!
All in all – these 5 tips are amazing daily practices you should include into your life if you’re looking to transform and enliven your day! Wake up and have a beautiful morning, set in motion a positive day, and finish off with plenty of energy and increased happiness due to feeling more aware of your position in this world and all you can accomplish.
As I always say – you deserve to live a life of happiness and bliss – do what you have to do for you today so you can reap the benefits and live in harmony by choice! Transform your mornings and let me know what you think!

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Do you follow any morning ‘rituals’ that have helped you lead a healthier and happier life? Please share below!!

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