Helllooooo, lovelies. Well, it’s a new year, and I’ve barely blogged in the past month. I’d say I’m sorry, but there’s really just little to no time, so I fit in recipes and posts when possible. Thanks for your patience.

Because it’s ‘flu season’ (also ‘tax season’), many people are feeling under the weather. Fortunately, I got over my illness last week. While I was sick, however, I decided to craft a list of 5 things someone can do to feel back to their healthy ol’ selves as fast as possible. These immune-boosting tips are what I personally rely on to get healthy ASAP so I hope they’re beneficial to you.

1) Get plenty of rest and drink a lot of water.


These are basic tips everyone knows, but I really can’t emphasize them enough. When you sleep, you’re giving your body permission and the energy it needs to break down, heal, and rebuild. Also, when one sleeps they tend to get dehydrated.

Dehydration is actually a precursor to sickness, so I recommend drinking plenty of alkaline water, staying away from acidic foods (next point) and sipping on teas that are also detoxing, such as dandelion, ginger, and lemon/mint tea. These also aid digestion – extra benefit.

2) Stay away from heavy foods, eat light and plant-based


Sickness is a symptom that your body is overloaded and needs to cleanse. Rather than rely on over-the-counter pharmaceutical drugs that suppress my body’s ability to clean itself, I help it do JUST that. I take a break from exercise, steer clear of heavy foods (such as meat, dairy, etc… which I don’t eat anyway) and opt to eat lighter, alkalizing foods, such as sub-acid fruits (berries, apples, melon), greens, green juice, flax crackers, avocado, etc…

These are all super easy to digest, are full of nutrients and enzymes, and will require my body to use less energy on digestion. This means more energy can go toward fighting off the illness my cells are combatting and help me power through the day (as I can’t skip work or school, unfortunately).

3) Consume herbs and/or homeopathic supplements


Herbs are God’s gift to all animals (including humans) to better our bodies. When the right ones are taken, the process of moving the lymphatic system, draining through the kidneys, opening up the sinuses, etc… can take place MUCH faster. That means 1-3 less days propped up in bed trying to sleep while your airways barely stay open (read: no fun).

I also tend to use homeopathic remedies as I personally find they work. There’s also some unique science out there that validates their usefulness. In essence, homeopathic remedies give your body a dose of what it is you’re fighting, so it propels your system into action so it heals faster.

Personally, I take mushroom supplements such as Reishi and Chaga (which boost the immune system in addition to a number of other benefits), a multi-vitamin with high amounts of vitamin C and zinc (per usual), spirulina (tablet form), and a homeopathic remedy for whatever ails me.

4) Give your mind, body, and spirit a break


This is a lesson I need to follow more myself, but it’s excellent advice. When you’re sick, you’re not 100%. This means you need to take as many rest days as it takes (regarding exercise, housework, school, work) to regenerate your normal energy levels.

Don’t feel like you need to keep up with all your responsibilities. It’s okay to be human LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. This temporary feeling of being sick will pass when you’re well enough to resume your normal day-to-day activities. For now, use the time as a holiday: read a new book, go on a relaxing walk (if you’re feeling it), cuddle with your pet or loved one, meditate, etc… The outlets for what energy you have are endless.

5) Sweat, Detoxify and De-Stress


I personally recommend engaging in activities other than physical exercise that cause your body to sweat, such as sitting in an infra-red sauna or bathing in a hot bath. Put epsom salts in your bath with some essential oils to move mucus, relax your system and open your airways, put on some peaceful music, and just breathe.

When you’re sick, it’s your body telling you to SLOW DOWN, take the time to HEAL, and CHILL OUT.

I hope these tips are helpful for you. Let me know if you have any more insight to add in the comments section below!