“Depression begins where creativity leaves off.” I mouthed this phrase to myself as I walked through the apartment — not 15 minutes ago.

Perhaps it’s due to the solar eclipse, or perhaps it’s because I’ve literally frazzled my nerves these past few months with stress that this monumental time has resulted in heightened emotions and a tendency towards depression.

All day, it seems, I’ve contemplated underwhelming reasons as to why I’ve felt so “off.” And then, it hit me: depression begins where creativity leaves off.download

A couple of months ago, my partner Aaron and I decided on massive career changes (we were both involved in allopathic/holistic medicine but not feeling truly fulfilled) and moved to Las Vegas, Nevada. If you’re truly interested in all that, read more here.

The process of moving, to be frank, was arduous. There was a lot of responsibility placed on me and a lot of new experiences moving in with a loved one. To clarify up front — it’s all been positive. But the journey has still left me a little bit ungrounded, which is why I’ve been giving my recent emotional ups-and-downs more thought.

When we fail to acknowledge our gifts and give them sufficient attention, I feel a piece of us begins to fade away. With the “busy-ness” of life, it becomes easy to tell yourself, “Oh, I’ll do that another day” or “I don’t have time for this — and anyway, it’s just a creative hobby.”

If you ask me, telling yourself this is one of the most hurtful things you can do. That is because we as humans thrive on creativity and movement. And women, especially, are shunting themselves off from feeling the depth of their creative abilities (I’ll get to more of this in a second) in the modern age.

Before I dive right into to 5 ways you can re-spark your creativity and start living a more productive, satisfying life, I’d like to point out a connection many have missed. Creative energy is the same as sexual energy. In our society, we glamorize beauty, harbor infatuation for sexuality, yet shun those who seek to explore the vast abyss of who they are. Because all three must be in balance for inner and outer peace, I believe this collective attitude offers insight as to why people, in general, have learned to treat women (the more emotional/expressive gender) as the “inferior” sex. 

In the future, I will rant on a little bit more about this. For now, I think it’s important you are reminded that in order to truly thrive, you must give yourself permission to feel the full extent of your soul and the passions that call to you in life. Then, you must follow through with gifted ambitions to rekindle a fire in your heart. If you’re struggling to do this, try out one (or all) of the five suggestions which follow:

1) Begin Journaling

Ugh, how many self-help blogs have you read that suggest you journal? Though it’s common advice, I want to take this one step further. When you journal, don’t just sit down and list 10 things you’re grateful for. Yes, do that. But then, flip to a new page, and really ask yourself: “What am I feeling? What is one thing I have been keeping hidden from myself?”

Ask this question with your heart, call upon Spirit and your guides to help you receive the answer, and sit in meditation until insight comes. Then, as you allow yourself to feel, begin writing it down.

This process is incredibly therapeutic, and it is the first step in finding out where you are in terms of emotional health and how to proceed.


2) Do something YOU love to do — no “ifs, ands or buts”

Can I be honest? I love to sing and create music. But because I didn’t pursue it professionally, I tend to hide my talent because I’m afraid I’m not as good as others.

This is silly, I know. But guess what? I’m sure you do the exact same thing.

To overcome this, we just have to face our fears of judgment and do that thing we love. Whether it’s yodeling, going horseback riding, playing soccer, taking up dance lessons or learning how to play a musical interest — you just have to do it.

Don’t die wishing you explored more of this planet. Rather, take the risk NOW and find comfort in knowing you will never regret the bravery you forged in this present moment.


3) Spend more time in nature

Because nature is flooded with negative ions, we innately feel better in the presence of trees, shrubs, mountains, rivers — you name it.

If you’re feeling bogged down, go to the place that is all about creation: the outdoors. Go to the woods or the beach — leaving all expectations behind — and just take in everything around you.

I know, personally, I forget I’m surrounded by mountains because most of my day is spent looking at things in front of my face. To thrive, we must detach from everything we know and allow ourselves to be immersed and what is. Only then can we identify the pieces of “ourselves” we love and like, and build on those to become better people.

When you identify those pieces, it becomes easier to remember why you are inspired in the first place.


4) Laugh. Laugh a LOT more.

Foreign relations between the US and North Korea, your bank account, your grandma’s ailing health — there’s more than enough going on to get the entire planet depressed. But hey — we can’t let that happen.

You, me, everyone chose to incarnate here for a reason. And that is, to expose the darkness and bring in a new era, a period in which there is more than enough for all and no human has to needlessly suffer due to greed.

I’m not going to lie, it’s not going to be easy. But if you surround yourself with more like-minded folks and put in the effort to be around those you already love, it will be worth it. And, of course, LAUGH. Do whatever it takes, just don’t stop chuckling.


You are a light-being, and it is your PURPOSE to be creative, to share pieces of your soul that inspire healing and well-being. The question now is, will you heed the call and be the champion so many need you to be? Most importantly, will you be that bright, loving version of yourself YOU need to be?

If your answer is yes, it’s time to start creating. If it is no, that’s okay. But make an effort to implement these 5 steps every day, and you might discover your answer changes.

I wish you all the best, my loves.