The impact of death is felt by all of us, and we all feel it differently. Grief is very difficult to deal with, and unless you do deal with it, it doesn’t dilute into something to manage. It’s so important that, as human beings, we learn to honor our grief and accept it. If we fight our feelings, we will never learn to keep going in life. 

We do all handle grief in different ways, but here are seven ways that you can ensure that you are keeping up with your grief and allowing yourself to feel it. Some people turn to services like to feel comfort in their grief. Others decide to go down the route of distraction and travel the world. No matter how you choose to react after a loved one has died, here are seven ways you can learn to honor your grief and embrace it – so you can keep going.

Image Source: Pexels
  1. The first step in honoring your grief is to be aware of it. You need to know that your grieving process is valid and it’s going to be a process, but if you try to ignore it, it’ll consume you. There are many stages of grief you will go through, but you have to allow yourself to go through them.
  2. Grieve how you want to grieve. If your process is being quiet and composed, then be quiet and composed. If you want to smash things and scream, do that, too. There is no right or wrong way to grieve, no matter what people try to tell you. As long as you are aware of your feelings and you are owning those feelings, you can grieve however you like.
  3. Surround yourself with people that you trust with your grief. You need people who will allow you to feel your feelings; not people who are going to try to fix you. There is no fixing this. This is just how the human brain and heart have to feel in order to feel okay again. It’s important that you feel safe. It’s vital, in fact, that you feel safe.
  4. Self-care is so important, and you need a plan to keep yourself safe when those feelings of grief rear their head. Think about how you want to manage yourself in public if you can’t stop the grief from spilling over. Look at the techniques for breathing to feel relief; it can help when you are away from home. 
  5. Tell people how you are feeling. Bottling the grief away is just a good way to make yourself feel like you can’t breathe. Tell people you trust how you feel and dig deep about it. You have to have an outlet; text or write a letter if you must. Either way, make sure that people can hear you.
  6. Mark their death and do it with something that makes you smile. When it hits their birthday or an anniversary, have a toast, a moment of silence or dance in the moon. No matter what you do, mark the occasion. Their death is just as important as their life and it shouldn’t have to be buried.
  7. Do something that you would have done with the person who has died. Did you have plans together? Honor those plans. Did you have a special meal or routine you’d do? Do it. Stay close to their memory and remember them.

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