Some people gain calmness and relaxation through Yoga. For some, it’s through baking their favorite pies, cakes, or cookies. Whipping up treats and pastries in the kitchen won’t just give you delicious comfort desserts but some therapeutic and relaxing feeling. Like Yoga, baking requires focus and attention. It stimulates your senses and brings out your creativity, and as a result, makes you feel better. Check out how baking and Yoga can both benefit you in this article.

Both are Meditative and Therapeutic

Like Yoga, baking is a meditative and therapeutic activity that lets you focus your attention. Just like the repetitive poses and continuous flow of Yoga, baking is also calming. The process of measuring your ingredients, weighing out butter, beating, and whisking eggs, and folding batters help you reduce stress, release negative thinking, and create space in your mind. Both Yoga and baking help you find the inner peace that you desire.

Credit: Pexels

They Make you Feel Good

Both baking and Yoga make you feel good. Any sort of food prep, cooking, or baking is basically about nourishing yourself. You can gain this benefit by being conscious of your ingredients and efforts that go into your baked goodies.

They Stimulate Your Senses

When you do poses during your Yoga practice, your senses are heightened. You become more aware of your body, just like when you feel the flour when you knead the dough or smelling the delectable aroma that’s coming out of the oven. All these stimulate your senses which leads to the increase of your feel-good endorphins.

They Bring Out your Creativity

One of the joys in baking is that it lets you bring out the creativity in you. While in Yoga, you are learning to express yourself in poses and flow during your practice. Both of them connect your overall wellbeing and creative expression. So you can experiment with those recipes and design that cake and frosting as pretty as it can be.

Credit: Pexels

Make You Happy

The best thing about learning Yoga and baking is that they make you feel happy. The thought of completing your poses and finishing your Yoga practice or baking the best-tasting cookies and pastries will put a smile on your face.


Learning Yoga and baking can actually give you a lot of benefits than you think.  Practicing Yoga or doing baking won’t just benefit your physical and mental aspects, but will strengthen your emotional health as well. So the next time you feel stressed and want to release some heat and destress, keep calm and bake or unroll the mat for some Yoga.  For sure, you will feel good and happier after.