Bloom for Life Cookbook

80+ Plant-based Recipes | 2-Week menu Plan

Unsure about where to start on your wellness journey?

The Bloom for Life cookbook is the go-to resource for learning how to heal your relationship with food and start cooking healthier meals. This book includes a ‘Getting Started’ guide, equipment list, two 7-day menu plans, and more than 80 whole food, plant-based recipes. It’s the perfect way to jumpstart your health journey.

Healthy Fundamentals

All bodies are unique. However, there are fundamental truths that apply to the human body which each of us can benefit from learning and implementing. In this book, you will become familiar with healthy lifestyle practices which can quickly transform your health. 

Simply Delicious Recipes

All ingredients are made from whole food, unprocessed, and natural ingredients. Not only are fruits, vegetables, and nuts and seeds cheaper than faux meats, they are much healthier and can be used in a variety of ways. This book seeks to empower readers to take health into their own hands.

2-Week Menu Plan
Getting Started Guide
80+ Plant-based Recipes
Nutrition FAQ & Advice

Take a Peek Inside…

You’re Not Alone. And I’m Here to Help!



Ashleigh Foster, Los Angeles

“I love the layout of the cookbook. Everything is organized and explained well. The ingredients are simple with only a couple things I might have a hard time finding. The recipes are easy to follow which makes it even easier to follow a vegan lifestyle.”

Dennae Russell, South Dakota

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

What if I am unsatisfied?

While it would be a shame, I will refund your money back within 48 hours if you honestly don’t think the cookbook offers value.

Will these recipes be delicious?

By golly, I sure hope so. Please keep in mind that highly processed and fast food numb the tastebuds, and it can take time for our taste buds to adapt to new textures and flavors. The healing recipes will help your body detoxify and begin craving more healthy foods as your gut microbiome is restored. 

Are all recipes vegan?

The beauty of the Bloom for Life cookbook is that it offers two plant-based menu plans, with recommended substitutions for those who consume meat. All recipes are vegan, however. 

What if I don't like eating plants?

Well, buddy, then this cookbook is for you! The goal of the Bloom for Life cookbook is to offer accessible and affordable plant-based meal options to those who are new to healthier eating. The best part is, the recipes are quite delicious!

Bloom for Life Cookbook: 80+ Plant-Based Recipes & 2-Week Menu Plan (eBook)

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If you’re ready to start making food your medicine and are eager to find an easy-to-follow healthy cookbook, then this book is for you! This resource includes 80+ plant-based recipes, all the information you need to get started living a healthier lifestyle, AND a 2-week (bonus) menu plan!

From cinnamon-apple oatmeal to African peanut stew, to chocolate espresso cheesecake and sweet potato veggie burgers, there are tons of delectable recipes you are sure to enjoy in this cookbook. All recipes are vegan* – meaning no animal products are utilized, yet are completely delicious and satisfying.

Basic ingredients are used (hardly any tempeh, tofu, or other ‘fake’ animal products recommended), just real, nourishing, and wholesome foods. If you’re not satisfied, we’ll refund your money. *One recipe allows for an egg substitute.