It’s the moments I’m face to face with a new friend – they’re excited to have an opportunity to ask so many questions and are intrigued at the prospect of including a lot of raw & vegan foods into their lifestyle. Inevitably we’ll run out of time to chat, or there will be tons of information I forgot to pass along. For times like this, I always wish I had a book (or five) to pass out and offer some sort of guidance beyond verbal affirmation and positivity.

Now, I can gladly say I’m getting to that goal of five books with my second E-book “Bloom Raw…At Home!”. Because it can be very daunting to take what you learned at your neighborhood raw & vegan class into your kitchen, or you’re not sure where to begin with on your exciting journey to better health, I’ve created a guide of all the recipes and basic tips I give to friends I coach, teach, meet on the street, or just want to help!


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Bloom Raw at Home… The best resource I have to help inspire you to just get started including more raw foods (fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, leafy greens, and sprouts) as a main staple to what you eat!
In this book I have over 30+ recipes that cover all of the basics. I also include a very important “Why Raw” and “Kitchen Tools” guide to help you get started. There’s already a lot of information on my website regarding the science and motivations behind going raw, but this is another introduction to get everyone excited.

The table of Contents are below:

Table of Contents:

Why Raw

Kitchen Tools

How to Start Creating Raw!


Choosing Raw Granola

Banana Pancakes

Fruit Bowl

Nut/Seed Milk

Lara Bars



Kale Chips



Southwest Flax Crackers

Olive Bread

Dressings, Dips, and Sauces:

Raw Ranch Dressing

Raw ‘Cheeze’ Sauce

Raw Marinara

Raw Asian Dressing

Raw Pesto


Raw Pizza

Raw Meatloaf

Raw Stroganoff

Raw Pasta


Raw Brownies

Raw Choco-Greens Shake

Raw Strawberry Cheesecake


As you can see, some are recipes I’ve shared with you on my blog MandyBloomsRaw – but there are a lot of new ones as well. Basically this is a way to compile all of the help I’ve been giving for free for a couple of years now into an easily accessible E-book. It’s super affordable and convenient!

The support of this project and future E-books will ensure my websites stay up to offer help and resources for those interested in Blooming Raw or just Enlivening their lives! I also want to re-start Donation-based coaching, and the funding from an E-book can mean you get a nifty resource while also helping someone else gain more than just health!

I love to share, but can’t do it without your help. If you think this E-book is something you’d love to have as a resource and/or you’d like to support what I do with MandyBloomsRaw and my personal site, please check out my E-book on Lulu!


Support independent publishing: Buy this e-book on Lulu.

Feel free to share it with others once you receive it too! I want this information to be heard – the more people that have tools like these, the better.

Thanks everyone for your support – I hope this book is everything you were hoping and more.

Upcoming books I have planned and should be finishing soon:


Blooming Raw…

For Teens!

on a Budget!

…and a few more are in the creative process.




Amanda Froelich