David Wolfe would be so proud of me….

When I was in Kansas City, MO I visited a delicious raw & vegan restaurant (FuD) with my sister and nephew.
It was there I met Chocolate & Greens.

I don’t know why I placed a lime on the side…hmm.

Yes, a glass of pure bliss, blooming with vibrant cacao and intensely built up with trillions of greens.
Spirulina had its mark, that’s for sure…and it was a brief, but beautiful affair – leaving me wanting more.
That is why this morning I re-created it in my kitchen on a whim. I wanted greens, greens, greens, but what could I add that was super subtle, yet still was awesomely delicious and good for me? Try this ladies and gentlemen, you will be satisfied & shocked how delicious your greens can be.

Raw Chocolate & Greens Smoothie


2 Frozen Bananas
4 Cups of Spinach
1 scoop of Vita-Mineral Green Powder
1/4 Cup of Carob or Cacao Powder
Water to fill container ½- 1/3 of the way
*optional* Cacao Nibs!
*Blend til smooth and creamy! You don’t want it too liquidy – make it thick and creamy. Yum!