I’m a big believer in the body’s innate wisdom and its ability to heal itself, therefore pay attention when I feel, look, or just ‘sense’ something different about my own well-being.

But others who may have taxed their system with processed foods, refined sugar, and additives or chemicals for far too long may not be as ‘body sensitive’.

For this reason I recommend people take a look at their cravings and ‘odd’ food choices and learn what their body might be missing from a nutritional perspective.


Take for example, women. You know around ‘that time’ women tend to go nuts for chocolate? It’s for a reason. chocolate1

Most peoples’ bodies recognize that chocolate has a large amount of magnesium in its content, therefore use what they know and crave this mineral intensely.

As this nutrient helps keep blood pressure normal, strengthens bones, and keeps the heart rate steady, it’s pretty important.

If one doesn’t eat a lot of fresh fruit, vegetables, leafy greens, and nuts and seeds, they likely will become dependent on chocolate overdoses just to supply their body with enough Magnesium, as the soil is not supplying enough for human needs.

Makes sense, right?

Similarly, there are a lot of other foods people reach for and then slap themselves on the hand (after)… all because they don’t understand what is driving their physiological impulses.

You – they – need nutrition from the food, not cardboard-like products that have little to offer to the body!

Health problems caused by being obese and overweight

Many people might look over-fed (overweight & obese), but they are seriously malnourished due to eating low-quality, processed, and nutrient-deficient foods.


So next time you notice a craving, look at this chart below (and share it with your family and friends), and determine what macro/micro-nutrient you might be deficient in.


If you eat healthy food that supplies more bio-available nutrients, fiber, and water, you will find yourself less prone to reach for junk food. Inevitably that will benefit your health, wallet, and waist-line immensely.

Share this with someone you love! Getting to the root cause of why you or someone else might be craving something could help them get on route to wellness today!

You deserve to live a life you love.

xo Amanda Froelich