Happy Holidays, friends.

As 2018 wraps up, I can’t help but want to slow down and contemplate all that has happened in the last year or so. For many people, this has been a whirlwind year, full of adventure, heartache, loss, strength, and clarity. It definitely started that way for Aaron and me (click here to read more about a plant medicine ceremony we partook in before leaving Las Vegas, NV). And just two months later, while we were renovating an inherited camper, we found out we had actually been scammed out of our entire savings by a company named ADAS Fortress. Click here to read more about that.

I’m not sharing this recap to gain sympathy. Rather, I’d like to point out that it has been a tough year for us all. But, with the “lows,” there are also “highs.” And as a result of the contrast, I am now incredibly grateful for everything that has happened in the past 12 months or so. This is mainly because it exposed so much of the bullshit lies I still wasn’t aware of. And, when I was forced to recognize how the world truly is, versus how I wanted it to be, I grew up in many ways.

My most prominent lessons of 2018 follow:

  • It’s important to create and adhere to boundaries (this creates self-respect)
  • No one should take anything personally
  • It is essential to vocalize and follow one’s truth
  • My “purpose” (one of many) is to heighten spiritual awareness and help people regain health and vitality
  • Contrast is a rule of this universe; as a result, there will not be peace 100% of the time
  • You don’t need to work with every person or accept every opportunity that comes your way; in some cases, it is more important to learn the lesson and walk away.

You can bet that there are several more lessons I could add to this list. But, I’m more interested in hearing from readers like you. Did these lessons make themselves present in your life this year? Or, did you experience different lessons? Feel free to comment and share them below.


Why It’s Important to Visualize Your ‘Best Self’

Now, moving on to another topic I felt inspired to write about this morning. Yesterday, for the first time in months, I felt like sketching. And, what I sketched was an “ideal” version of myself, sort of as a mixture between my incarnated physical body and traits mixed with the spiritual being I “see” myself as intuitively, or through my Mind’s eye. To be clear, I didn’t give much attention to the physical; instead, I focused on the symbology of the drawing. 

The practice reminded me that I actually used to do this a lot growing up. As a teenager, I was confused (like everyone) and unsure of the person I would grow up as. There were core traits I brought into this world and ones I inherited, and I really treasured them (like determination, hard-working, innovative, etc…). So, I made these a key focus when sketching, or visualizing, the person I wanted to grow up and be. Through consistent practice, I adopted these traits. Looking back, I do feel as if the visualizations and “creative flow” sketching sessions helped me evolve as an individual overall, not just as a teenager.

As an adult, things have changed. But, one thing will remain true for myself and everyone else: there will always be times we feel lost. We might be too focused on the project at hand, that we forget the “big picture” and feel as if we’re not moving in the right direction(s). When this occurs, I highly encourage sketching the version of yourself you feel inspired to become. Or, if you feel as if you are happy with who you are, maybe give more attention to the traits (strengths and weaknesses) that make you who you are; always be honest.


  • In your sketch, focus on symbology versus proper drawing technique, etc… You are the only one who will likely see this version of “you.”
  • When you finish the sketch, grab a pencil and on the back, write down all of the positive characteristics you presently embody and/or hope to develop. When you are done, give gratitude to yourself for the journey.
  • Store the sketch safely in a journal or binder. In six months or a year, return to the sketch and reflect on how you’ve grown and/or how the visualization helped you regain clarity on your path.

I wanted to share this practice because I think it is helpful for us, as humans, to do self-reflection and direct our own journey sometimes. So often, we look to the world and others to give us feedback on how they think we should behave and/or respond to life. What I want to inspire others to do is to disconnect from the deceit passed around in modern-day society. Look inside and reconnect to the voice/feeling that feels like home. That is your Highest Self which is YOU and extends from Spirit (the Creator – omnipresent).

When you pay attention to this peaceful presence, you will receive the clarity and direction you likely are seeking. Hopefully, this practice helps you visualize this Highest aspect of you and, as a result, allows you to let go of what doesn’t serve you and attract healthier, better, and more loving things into your life.

Until next time,