I wrote this piece for Elephant Journal but later decided it belonged on my website. As regular readers know, I rarely share content of this type. So, it will not surprise me if the letter below ruffles some feathers.

However, I feel it is important we each speak our truth — no matter how unpopular that opinion (or collection of opinions might be). For the last few years, the deity Aphrodite (as an extension of the One) has worked through me for the purpose of growth and sexual healing.

Sex is usually a very uncomfortable topic for me. Most likely, this is because I was raised Catholic and (though I’m not proud to say it) was assaulted as a child. These two factors in addition to others resulted in many emotional blocks in my sacral chakra.

Because this center was blocked, I had issues creating — and that’s depression-inducing for me, as I am a very artistic individual. It took a lot of self-love to realize that sex and connection are not the enemies; that vulnerability is not to be feared. And, that all good emotions stem from the Creator and the plane of Oneness where we will all return to someday.

I want other souls to recognize the same truths — the ones I am still working through, so they may Bloom for Life. Hence, the writing and sharing of this article.

Please enjoy the following letter. And if it speaks to you, please share it with other women.


Dear sister,

Do you feel it? There’s a change in the energy on our planet. The patriarchy is failing, and a resurgence of the Divine Feminine is being experienced.

The expression of femininity is asking people to be more honest about how they feel, to be more transparent with their emotions. The energy is igniting a desire for expression, for communication, for ecstasy and, sometimes, raw, unbridled emotion.

I know I feel it. For months, something has stirred in my solar plexus (third chakra). In fact, sometimes, it’s unsettling. It won’t allow me to sit numbly in front of the television, or to ignore my emotions when I feel someone is being unfair in the world. Rather, like a lion roaring at his cage, it demands more.

The feeling floods into my hips, expands through my breasts, it relaxes into my shoulders, and it kneads its way into my mind. As my body settles, so does this feeling that there is more, and that it is time.

Time for what? Time for a massive shift in mentality on this planet. And, that revolution begins with women.


For centuries, females have been degraded, regarded as property, and had their freedoms limited. Hell, not even two hundred years ago, our aunts, sisters, mothers, and grandmothers were being burned at the stake for creating natural medicines and tapping into the Divine Feminine.

But now, such action is no longer tolerated. Yes, prejudice assholes will judge us for owning our power and banding together to create change. But there’s something our ancestors didn’t have: support in the form of conscious men who are tired of violence and aware that we, humans, are best when we work together — in partnership.

These men will be our shields and, at times, our foundation. These conscious men will hold us protectively in the surges of emotion and turmoil that will undoubtedly occur when we raise our voices and demand change. And, they will be the ones watching our backs as we address large groups and change the opinions of nations. These men are part of the plan, and they are in need of healing, too.


Sister, forget gender. We are all souls, and we each have masculine and feminine aspects which need to be balanced for harmonious expression to result. For eons, men have been expected to be the “breadwinners” of the family, to hold in their emotions, and to exert their power through impulsive displays that have left many of them broken.

As men and women embrace their Divine Feminine side, we will be unstoppable. That is a day I look forward to. But for that to occur, we women must be the first in our families (for at least a handful of generations) to fully embrace our sexuality and creative side.

Whether through religion, domestic abuse, or shaming from family members, females have become shells of their former selves. We self-degrade in the form of skimpy outfits and careers which exist to make egotistical men feel better about themselves. And, we have lost touch with the planet and our heightened connection to Spirit (which is a gift).


Each of us needs to form a healthy relationship with our individual sexuality. Play around, love yourself. Find what works best for you. Explore your body, mind, and soul with intention and meditate on the feelings that arise, as well as the conflict you have attracted for the purpose of growth.

As you develop, date consciously. Do NOT settle for a mediocre partner who is resistant to change and is not capable of loving all aspects of you. Yes, you are beautiful, soft, and kind, but you are also a powerful woman whose animal sides craves raw expression. When you find a partner who will not run away in fear, do them (and yourself) a favor by loving them in the same way.

When you have formed emotional, mental and spiritual connections with this partner, allow your relationship to evolve. Only when there is substance and mutual understanding, should you physically connect with this being. Sex is sacred, and we must give it the appropriate respect it deserves to grow in the Divine Feminine (which is perfect, as an extension of our Creator) and heal this planet.

Every time you come together, practice conscious sex. Without getting too graphic, give attention to each touch, embrace, shared experience, and vocal expression. Your love-making is a meditation of pleasure, of understanding, of acceptance. This is the purest energy we can cultivate with another — and it should be celebrated not shunned.


When this truth becomes acknowledged, women will no longer need to fear their expression. Again, this is because sexual energy is the same as creative energy — and both are ruled by the Divine Feminine.

So, sister. Please — for all of us, and especially your daughters and future grandchildren, love love-making. Do not allow yourself to be shamed for appreciating and experiencing life’s pleasures. The universe is calling on you to break free from the mental shackles and share your expertise, wonder, inspiration, and passion with the world.