Hi, everyone! I hope you are having an excellent Labor Day. On my day off, I am elated to be spending some time investing in my favorite projects, including Life in Bloom. Now moved to Vale, South Dakota, I am at least a 30-minute drive away from the nearest grocery store. If I aspire to shop for healthy staples, like those shared in the video below, it’s a 1-hour drive to Rapid City, South Dakota. Therefore, as you can imagine, I was happpppy when I returned to our home and had a box of goodies to unpack.

Phone in tow, I realized it would be a perfect opportunity to document some of the healthy staples I’ll go out of my way for AND can find in rural areas, like Sodak. Items like jackfruit, coconut tortillas, coconut milk, nuts and seeds, and gluten-free pre-made crackers supplement the fruits, vegetables, and lean protein that I are often more accessible. If you’re interested in what I eat or the staples I think are worth driving 1 hour for, check out the video below.

You deserve to live a life you love,
Mandy Froelich