Anxiety is a specter that haunts a lot of us, feeling like it’s always hanging on our back, affecting every thought, and every action that we take, and sometimes getting so strong that it can legitimately feel debilitating. Seeking treatment and help with your anxiety from a medical professional is always a valid choice, but it doesn’t have to be the only step that you take. A spiritual approach can help, as well, and here are some of the ways you can make use of it.

Find the power of meditation

Spiritual meditation has been a practice used for thousands of years, helping people find their calm in the midst of storms through all manner of troubling times and it has lasted for so long precisely because it is so effective. If you feel like meditation hasn’t worked for you well in the past, then you might want to take the time to find what you can do to improve your efforts, so that you can find those moments of calm and detachment from your anxious thoughts that can allow you to stay on an even keel.

Let the power of prayer offer you peace of mind

We can pray for many things, but prayer has always been a tool for those going through hard times to ask for the protection and guidance that Heaven can offer them, as well. In a world plagued by all manners of risk, prayer can offer that sense of protection and reliance on the greater plan laid out for us that can offer us some peace of mind. Take a look at some protection prayers that you can say for both yourself and your loved ones. Putting your faith and trust outside of yourself can help you stop obsessing over issues that are causing your anxiety to spike.

Someone to lean on

One of the good things about spirituality and faith is that it doesn’t necessarily have to be practiced alone. While you might have your own relationship with God and the universe, faith can lead to a community, and that community can share your burdens. Don’t feel bad about talking to others of your faith, especially those who take on the role of community leaders, for advice or even for someone to listen. That’s the role they often very willingly take on, after all.

Improve through service

For a lot of people, faith isn’t just something held internally, but something that is lived out, especially through that community. If you take the opportunity to perform your faith through service, whether it’s by helping out your local church, volunteering, or otherwise helping people who are in need of it, it’s not going to be an immediate cure for anxiety, but it can definitely help with it. It can help you focus on things other than your own internal thoughts, offering effective distraction at the very least, and can improve your sense of self-worth, too.

In conclusion, the mind and the spirit share a deep connection and, by focusing on that bond, you can find that enriching your spirit can bring calm to your mind, as well.

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