Hey lovely food fanatics!
I recently had the lovely opportunity to attend my friend Tosha’s son’s Birthday party!
damien2Now here’s the thing, it’s not a typical birthday. Damien and Tosha are both raw! Not only that, they eat super simply like I do (high carbohydrate, low fat, low protein mainly) with an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables, therefore it was a fun opportunity to get creative utilizing foods in their delicious, basic state.
Here’s a video with them!

I created an awesome salad dressing (which I also used in the collard wraps and later with some peas!) that is so easy, a few of my friends couldn’t believe it didn’t have more than 5 ingredients!
Summer Yummy Salad

1 1/2 Mangoes
2 Medium Tomatoes
25-30 leaves of Basil
1/4 of  a Lemon
5-7 Strawberries
Really, that’s it, and it’s so refreshing, delicious, and hydrating.

Greens are full of Vitamin A – same as Tomatoes, and Mangoes!


Eating Organic ensures we’re getting up to 300% more nutrition and no yucky pesticides.

Oh baby I like it raw… 🙂

Organic Greens with Sliced Strawberries on top make this a yummy and fresh salad!

Phew – that’s a lot of pictures. But all the lovely fruit and greens were the basis of what I brought. Look at Tosha’s array (all raw) that she created for friends and family members – all whom LOVED it!- to make sure Damien continues to eat the healthiest. What a great inspiration to those who came.
I came an hour after the feast started… Here’s a raw hummus with crackers and veg!
I LOVED the Collard wraps – tons of veggies were cut up and many different sauces, such as a chipotle dip or a raw guacamole were available!rawbirthday13
After already being feasted on, here’s what’s left of Sesame Street characters. 🙂
Plenty of fruit, then pesto poppers, raw pesto pasta, and even Pizza bites!
Wow – It was all amazing! She did an amazing job, and Damien’s birthday party seemed like a great success. I brought an eco-friendly water bottle for Damien with race cars on the front, every little thing helps when you’re keeping kids healthy! 🙂
But hopefully this shows you that even raw, family gatherings are just as fun and interesting. Everyone loved the gathering’s food that I talked to, and I know the support sure helped ease Tosha, as this is very important for her and her family. We live in a toxic world, but switching our eating habits and lifestyle situations will ensure that we reverse this trend of early dis-ease and unhappy lives. I’m so proud and happy to have been a part of this gathering.
Enjoy the salad and be inspired to have raw gatherings of your own –they’re SO much fun! There are also always raw potlucks in the areas, and if not, start one!
Namaste everyone – check out my latest  travel blog website http://travelfruitlove.com where I’ll be posting most of what’s going on travel-wise when in Costa Rica and everywhere else. <3