It’s citrus season! You know what that means? Oranges, grapefruits, and lemons – nature’s best alkalizers and detoxifiers are plentiful and pretty darn accessible.

Because I’m an orange juice fiend and will admit I’m a bit addicted to the elixir of life, I decided to invest in a small black & decker citrus juicer and start making my own fresh-pressed juice. Surprisingly, it was very affordable ($15 for an average okay one) and although being slower than the one at work – it gets the job done and squeezes some pretty tasty OJ!


But while I was standing there removing the innards from the juicy, juicy oranges, I started thinking about how so many people buy orange juice commercially – and, like most individuals and food today – are somewhat disconnected to the real deal. When you heat almost any form of fruit or vegetable, it becomes acidic… that’s mainly so with citrus & tomatoes = pure acid in the body, and that’s the form most everyone is getting their OJ in! It’s all pasteurized with additives and fillers…and…just, a dead food. How disappointing!

Fresh-pressed OJ is extremely gratifying, healing, and tasty and is something we should all be able to consume. Even if you go to a fresh juice bar, it’s likely one 8 oz. glass of orange juice will cost you $5 minimum. Tsk Tsk.


Want to know how you can do it for cheap, yourself?

I recently bought a box of oranges for $17.00 which has 88 oranges. For 16 oz. of orange juice I squeezed 5 big oranges. (Yum)

Doing the math – each orange equates to about 19 cents x 5 =

$1.00 for 16 oz


*cricket …cricket…cricket…*


AND it only took my under 5 minutes to slice the oranges, squeeze them, and rinse off all the parts…then enjoy my fresh-pressed yumminess!


What are some of the benefits of oranges?

They are high in Vitamin C and bio-flavonoids

They are very detoxifying, alkalizing, and healing

They support a very healthy immune system

They help protect against all major diseases – diabetes, heart disease, stroke, etc…

and they’re very local to the region I’m in – which is a huge bonus…Wacha!


So how about it!? Think you’ll give juicing at home a go? I find regular juicing to be a pain in the rear to clean up – but just citrus juices = really fast & really efficient clean-up.


Hopefully you enjoyed this post…!

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