If you’re like me and madly in LOVE with raw spaghetti (or spaghetti in general) having sun-dried tomatoes on hand is a MUST – they’re so versatile and make a delicious lycopene-rich marinara taste like (or better than) the real deal! The problem is, store-bought sun-dried tomatoes are SO HIGH in sodium, and if they’re preserved in oil – tons of fat.

This is a label from an organic brand I get at Whole Foods. They’re about $4/ a bag – and taste really awesome. The problem is – just 2 of them (and c’mon, you know you want to use at least 6 minimum in a batch) is 130 mg of salt, or 6% of your total intake. The thing is – x that by 3 and you’ve got ¼ of your salt MAXIMUM suggestion intake.

Most Americans would shrug. There’s WAY more sodium in a hamburger but you see, when you get to a highly detoxified state – you are getting plenty of sodium from fruits and vegetables which naturally contain it – especially celery – and your body treats salt like a toxin. This causes BLOAT/EDEMA/and usually a little fatigue. (Try going salt free and WATCH how your vitality, body, and mind change).
Your body doesn’t need that – it wants CLEAN, pure, and easily digestible fuel. That is why I decided to make my own sun-dried tomatoes, and it’s SO EASY.
Going to Kodiak again (Split ALL This produce with a friend – ½ organic – and it was only $30 for my fare) – I picked up a BOX of organic Roma Tomatoes for $5-8.

I went home – chopped ’em in half – placed them on Dehydrator sheets and have been dehydrating them for 1-2 days (they have a lot of water content and will shrink a LOT!)….

And Ta DA! The most delicious sun-dried tomatoes I have ever tried – no additives, so simple, and amazingly cheap if you buy in BULK… <– Watch my rant here on WHY TO BUY IN BULK!

I used these beauties to create a delicious spaghetti with Zucchini Noodles:

Zucchini + Mandolin = Noodles!

Curry Basil Tomato Sauce

3-4 Tomatoes
Handful of homemade Sun-dried Tomatoes (or more accurately Excalibur dehydrated tomatoes)
1 Mango
2-3 Tbsp Curry ( I LOVE CURRY – Watch for a new recipe –RAW Curry Jicama Hash browns!)
Few sprigs of Fresh Basil
1/2 Tbsp Coconut Oil
(*optional – if you’re wild like me – Dill!)


1) Blend in a blender!
2) Pour over Zucchini Noodles
3) Enjoy, chew thoroughly, and savor EVERY friggen bite.


 (*Gasp*! Raw baby in the background! — so cute and aware!)***

I also went and had Tea (Monday Ritual with my good friend, Aubree) and tried out many different infusions of herbs which are Ah-Mazing and we got a ‘tea buzz’ or something like that from the elixirs. If you’re in the Phoenix area, you MUST try out Chakra 4 Tea House. (They also serve delicious raw & vegan food.)
My friends (one of whom is raw and raising her baby since BIRTH AS RAW!<– Post on that to come) had Norito Nachos (nacho cheese sauce with raw crackers and nori) and an Avocado dip with veggies (which I can’t remember the name of). They both loved ‘em.

I was great with my tea and elixers… Magic!
I enjoy just eating really simple. The cleaner and lighter your body gets, the more you’re drawn to simplicity in life in general and delicious, simple foods. (Like fruit – highest astringent foods out there, green soup – see below-, and plain Kale out of my dehydrator…!)
One last note – I’ve finished my certification of becoming a Detoxification Specialist and will be relaying a LOT more information in the future to help people instead of just rambling on with my life. I’m looking forward to sharing those goodies! It’s seriously EASY to heal the body, and in effect Cure almost every single disease. Get excited for those postings!

And drool-worthy picture from Work of the Week!

 Cookie’s-n-Cream Cake w/ ‘home-made’ Oreos. (Not that I would advocate eating this – but we do such amazing vegan food at work I have to share!)

***No animals were harmed in the making of this Deliciousness***

 Who says Vegans have no fun!?! We seriously made TWO of these cakes and they were sold out both days. Yum!
Peace, Love, and Light to you all!-