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Package cost is $24.99 and suggested donation is $8.

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7 Day Menu Plan

Who has time for planning anymore? Not you, that’s who. You need a helper to get you started on your healthy-living lifestyle – and this is the package you’ve been seeking.

Trust us, you’re taken care of with this 7 Day Menu Plan.You’ll not only receive the Healthy Living FAQ to understand more about what you’re doing in the kitchen (plus what tools you’ll need), but a complete whole food, plant-based menu plan overview, a handy chart to stick to your fridge, two shopping lists (depending on how much time you want to spend in the kitchen), ALL recipes beautifully laid out (and made easy-to-follow), AND a bonus Dessert E-book with three tantalizing recipes you can whip up in a jiff.


“Man is what he eats.” – Lutdwig Feuerbach


Healthy Eating Guidelines

You’ll learn all about why you’re making your meals (instead of eating out), the benefits you’ll receive by living cleaner, alternative options and FAQ on nifty transitional foods… and more! You’ll also receive a complete list of all the pieces of equipment required to create every single recipe in the included Recipe E-book. Pretty awesome, right?

“Let food be thy medicine and Medicine thy Food.” – Hippocrates (Father of Modern Day Medicine)

2 Shopping Lists

We understand you’re busy – that’s why you need this menu plan! But to make things even simpler, two shopping list options are included. List 1 is for those who don’t mind spending an extra bit of time in the kitchen. If followed, you’ll be making more of your sides and dressings.

List 2 is for those that want healthy guidelines & a laid-out plan to follow – and want it now. You’ll be given ‘healthy go-to’ options to purchase in the supermarket for the week, and will inevitably spend less time in the kitchen, doing more… whatever it is you love!


“Your health is your wealth.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Free Bonus + 3 Desserts

Getting healthier needn’t be a grueling task, it should be incredibly smooth and enjoyable! That’s why a tantalizing BONUS E-book of delicious desserts has been included. Don’t worry – all your bases are covered. On those special occasions you need seek a treat, you’ll have drool-worthy photos and easy-to-follow recipes on hand.

Special Recipe Book

The Menu Plan Overview and Chart both outline the wholesome, plant-based, and simple-to-prepare meals for the week… but the Recipe e-book is where it all comes alive! Be ‘wowed’ by the tasty-looking pics and simple recipes you’ll get to create. Plus – and this is the best part – every recipe is located next to its incredible photo which is destined to inspire your culinary genius and whet your appetite.


About the Author

Amanda Froelich, founder of Bloom for Life, is a RHN (holistic nutritionist), ACE-certified PT, ISD-certified detoxification specialist, live-food plant-based chef, traveling journalist, energy healer (Reiki II), and passionate artist of many pursuits. It is her passion to lovingly share factual and inspiring information with the world so all may create better health, feel empowered to positively shift & transform their lives, and regain divine connection with themselves and the creator.

Package now available by donation!

Package cost is $24.99 and suggested donation is $8.

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