You’ll laugh, I know it. This recipe is so simple – yet people don’t know how good it is!
I make this where I work ALL the time –and I’ve now gotten others at the vegan restaurant hooked on it as well! (In fact, I’m so proud, because some people are now making it as their ‘work-place staple’ too!!!)
You all know my love of Bananas. Click here, and here, and here, if you want to read up on their awesomeness.
And I love mono-meals (one fruit as a meal) because it’s the easiest way for your body to digest and REALLY absorb the nutrients out of a meal.

Here’s the video I made:
I choose to eat this as a meal. Because of that – it includes a LOT of bananas.

Mother Nature’s Milkshake

Yield: 1-2 Servings


6-8 Bananas
1-2 Cups of Ice
Enough Water to blend, but keep it thick and creamy.


1) Blend
2) Freak out and exclaim “Oh My Gosh!!!” at how good it is.
3) Enjoy
Discover the simplicity of Mother Nature’s food and how healing/delicious/amazing it can be!
Namaste –