Hey there, friends.

As I type this, I am sitting in the Ozo Coffee Shop, located on Pearl St. in Boulder, radiating gratitude. Hours ago, my love, Aaron, and I finally found a place to park our camper-trailer (for 2-3 months) outside of Boulder, Colorado, where we work.

Those who keep up with my blog probably know that the last two months have not been the easiest. In fact, they have been some of the hardest in my life. I have had to work harder than I thought was possible. Fortunately, I survived all and now, am very, very grateful for the experience(s).

Taken at the Boulder County Fairgrounds, where we parked for 2 weeks.

Photo taken at the Boulder County Fairgrounds, where we parked for 2 weeks.

Let’s backtrack a little bit. After being scammed out of our savings, Aaron and I faced a hard choice: continue renovating our camper and secure a life of freedom (at least for the time being) or let go of that dream and rent an apartment in Colorado, where we planned to move.

Because we had already put $3,000 or so into camper renovations, we figured keeping with it would be the smartest plan. It kind of was, but oh my goodness, there were so many hurdles. After the kitchen sink broke, one of the legs broke. We fixed all and persevered.

The day we left South Dakota (in the middle of a blizzard, of course), one of our tires blew. Thanks to my Dad, we were able to renew all of them. Then, one day after making it to the state, the other leg of the camper broke, as well.

South Dakota

For the past two weeks, we have had the toughest time securing a place to park long-term. In between starting my new job at Whole Foods (yay, baking!), writing for online publications (Truth Theory, The Mind Unleashed, and DopeBoo), and trying to create content for Bloom for Life and My Stoned Kitchen, I had to brainstorm with Aaron how to find a semi-permanent place.

We handed out flyers, we put ads on online, we asked everyone we met. And gosh, at times it was humbling. Then finally, after perusing Airbnb and reaching out to a sweet couple who live outside of Boulder, we found a place.


Guys and gals, it is perfect. We have been gifted the opportunity to use the greenhouse and grow our own fresh vegetables, there are goats to tend to (and cuddle), hiking is literally in our backyard, there is so much to learn from our hosts (one is a professional sculpture and the other is a psychologist, beekeeper, and writer). Talk about blessed, right?

I feel like I can finally breathe, which is why I am just now sharing pictures of the “after” camper renovations. When it feels as if you’re being squeezed to the point you can barely think, it’s hard to share. In fact, that’s when conserving is necessary. I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t sure we’d be able to make it all work. However, it feels as if we are finally through the eye of the storm. I can’t wait for the calm that always follows.

Without further ado, here are some “after” pictures of the camper renovations:

My kitchen!

My kitchen!

The "dining room"

The “dining room”

A wider view

A wider view

The "living room"

The “living room”

Our front door and television

Our front door and television

Midnight on his perch

Midnight on his perch



A bathroom, wow!

A bathroom, wow! (Don’t mind the dirty carpet, we have pets)

There's even a shower (THANKGOD)

There’s even a shower (THANKGOD)

The bedroom

The bedroom



Our bathroom sink area

Our bathroom sink area

Do you see what I see?

Do you see what I see? A kitty cat on the counter, where she is not supposed to be.

Waking and baking -- our morning routine

Waking and baking — our morning routine

Following are photos of the beautiful farm we are staying on:









How is the tiny life?

It’s great! I heard once — or twice — that if you can live with your partner in such a tiny space and thrive, you can do anything together. Well, folks, that’s what we’re doing. All of this stress on top of living in a 27’ camper has proven that we have what it takes. So, that’s why I’m viewing it all as a blessing.

At St. Vrain State Park, one of the places we parked before finding a semi long-term place.

At St. Vrain State Park, one of the places we parked before finding a semi long-term place.

In the future, I will start creating more videos. For now, please enjoy this update and the photos of our small home.

Last Thoughts

It seems everyone has been going through a tough time lately. We, as a collective, are being urged to shift with our Mother, Earth. The dissonance, separation, and low-vibrational thought that has pervaded mankind’s existence for thousands of years is close to an end.IMG_8293

In order for a better world to be created, we have to walk the talk, contribute to positive change every day, and view the hardships that come our way as lessons. Remember: everything that has occurred in your life — or is taking place now — was attracted by you.

You are a powerful creator. Now is the time to tune into your true being so you can influence the way your life unfolds. I hope to provide more materials on this exact topic in the future. For now, just remember that you deserve to live a life you love.