Hey there awesome reader!
Today I’m going to share with you one of my go-to recipes that not only will delight your taste buds, but will keep you thriving on raw foods long-term! So often recipes (yes, even recipes I post) are super gourmet with not the best food combining…and don’t always focus on as much fresh, live foods as possible. (Often times the emphasis is on the sea salt, oil, spices, or nuts and seeds).
Because I want to THRIVE on raw foods long-term, I choose to eat predominately raw, low-fat, and a LOT of plants in their natural state that don’t need to be altered in confusing ways. Don’t confuse this as ‘bland’ or boring food. I just like to incorporate as much simple eating as possible, and so that’s why this is one of my go-to recipes!
I remember growing up with a tuna salad – used in sandwiches and more…and because I LOVE being happy and full – yet vibrant with energy after a raw meal, I like to create this version that is light, fluffy, and super delicious. Dive right in and energize your life with this recipe – a taste of how I eat!

Raw Mock “Tuna” Salad – in Nori Rolls!



(See how almost ALL of this is veggies! Yum!)
3 Cups of Carrot Pulp (Estimate 5-6 large carrots juiced)
1 cucumber
1 Red Bell Pepper
3/4 Onion (or opt out, like I do if you don’t like it)
2 Limes or 1 Lemon, juiced
1 Head Romaine or Butter Lettuce
1 Large Tomato
3/4 Avocado
1/2 Bunch Parsley
3/4 Bunch Dill (Fresh optimal!)
1/2 Medium Zucchini
*optional: 1/2 Jalopeno – I like it spicy!
1/4 Cup Dulse (or 1/8 if you don’t like it as ‘fishy’)


1) Juice Carrots or attain the carrot pulp from a friend or juice shop (yeah, ask for their carrot pulp and you can sometimes get it!). Put in a large bowl.
2) In a blender, add avocado, limes (juiced), Zucchini, 1/2 of your parsley, 1/2 of your Dill, your *optional jalopeno* and a dash of water if needed. Blend until smooth and creamy. peppers1
(See above – I didn’t have Jalopenos so used these super spicy peppers that grow on the farm here in Costa RIca!)
3) Add into your carrot pulp mixture. Add Dulse and stir until well combined.
4) Dice remaining vegetables – pepper, onion, cucumber, lettuce, and remaining herbs – and add in.
5) If you feel you need salt, feel free to add 1/2 tsp of sea salt.
6) Now you have your awesome tuna salad. It’s optional to make rolls – you could tear up some nori sheets and eat it as a salad…or be awesome and create rolls like I LOVE to do!
7) Julienne (slice) tomatoes and add into the Nori Sheets with a good heaping amount of your ‘salad’ and roll up. Allow the edge to seal with a bit of water and once sealed, slice into bite-sized rolls. carrotpulp7
8) Enjoy these as is..or you could create a raw tartar sauce (which sounds like it’d be good, but I have no idea) and indulge!
Hopefully you like this recipe! I love eating super simply, and so for me this is an ideal meal. Sometimes I’ll use less avocado and more zucchini to keep the fat content lower – but don’t stress about it! Enjoy!

Enliven Your Life with Fruits & Vegetables!

XOXO Mandy