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Happy (belated) Valentines Day to all! With the warmer weather, more than smiles and the wilderness600635_473482359367268_1805201988_n are returning from retreat – tons of new recipes are too! I promise to start including more recipes on this site (MandyBloomsRaw) while more informational and personal posts will be trading to go to my other personal site (AmandaFroelich).

So without further ado – let’s get into the treats and surprises!

For Valentines Day – what did you indulge in? I’m not really one for breaking habits for the sake of ‘treats’, but it was super fun creating goodies for other people. 🙂

My team (co-workers) got super creative at work ( Pomegranate Cafe) and the following were some items that quickly sold out.


Raw Chocolate Candy Bar boxes


Recees Bites, Snicker Bites, and Almond Joy bites. Droooooollll…

We also made vegan, all-natural (and gluten-free, I believe!) cookies.


Personally, I savored a delicious new juice creationvalentinescollage

Now… look at what we created for Raw Friday…! rawfriday

Pesto Pasta with Super-Seed Sausage, marinated onions, and a side kale salad.

I love the freedom that comes with working where I do – we get to create new, amazing raw dishes every week, and the great thing is that we almost ALWAYS sell out!

This week’s dish was a pesto sauce (garlic, basil, lemon juice, sea salt, hemp cashews, herbs, spices, nutritional yeast…) that was tossed with zucchini noodles, julienned bell peppers, carrots, cherry tomatoes, marinated/dehydrated onions, super-seed sausage (mixture of almond pulp, sesame seeds, hemp seeds, more spices/veggies, etc…) and topped with sprouts. Pretty darn tasty.

And guess what? I’m now taking over this project every week! I’ve got some great ideas – and will share the recipes every week as well! For example, who wants to learn how to create empanadas? How about exotic coconut-meat rolls with thai-ginger-pepper sauce and veggies? I’m excited!



More Food Porn… Chocolate/Banana Cheesecake with Cacao Nibs. Be still my beating heart – I love Raw Food!
For this post, I don’t have any recipes to share (off the top of my head) right now…but here is a look at some upcoming post/recipes:

Choco-monkey gRAWnola – it FLEW off the shelves when I made it – such a hit – there’s no way I can go without sharing the recipe now!grawnola

Coconut-Flax-Pepper Wraps (very simple, light, and delicious). these are great to make as they’re light, filling, and go with everything.


…FINALLY, with this long overdue post, I’m excited to be bringing some new videos and footage of two well-known raw food experts who are visiting the Pom Cafe!

Dave the Raw Food Trucker Who lost over 200+ pounds, cured his cancer, failing kidneys, recovered form strokes, and did it all with a raw, vegan diet. He’s serious about helping others health themselves, too!


& Loren Lockman…World
-renowned fasting expert and known for his expertise in water fasting… He’ll be talking at the Pom – I’m looking forward to learning more about him, from what I remember he owns a health-retreat in Panama!lorenlockman

…I’ll be in charge of making their nights at the Cafe a success and that’s always a great position to be in to meet n greet them, get some pics, and of course get up and personal with the food. Stay tuned for that!

Annnd….have you heard of the Raw Food Expo? Yep – I’ll be making an appearance there, as well! Some GREAT raw food pioneers will be there. I don’t even know what all I’ll be reporting on as there’s going to be so much good food, amazing people, and fun memories made. We’ll see!


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Up on http://amandafroelich.com lately – I posted my personal journey (Part 1) of how I healed my skin… go on over there to check it out!

Much love & Enliven your Life with Fruits n Veg!