By Mandy Froelich / Bloom for Life

I recently met an important goal I set probably ten years ago. That goal was to a productive mother-fucker. My definition of being this includes exercising 4-5x a week, working over full-time (at least two jobs, likely to ensure a sense of security), 85% healthy diet (meaning very clean eating, minimal room for “treats” and “unhealthy snacks”), maintaining my online blog(s), and keeping a clean and tidy house. Oh, and I’m also intent on continuing my education, learning how to sew, and picking up DIY hobbies.


I’ve been working very hard over the past six months to make habits like this a day-to-day routine. And in the past few weeks, I’ve kind of rocked it. But you know what else started happening as I forced myself into this level of productivity (despite not feeling up for it at times)? At the age of 25 — not quite 26, my body has started to hurt.

It doesn’t hurt like I pushed it too hard in the gym. It hurts in a chronic way. In a way where bending down actually hurts my knees, where my shoulder hasn’t been the same for months (I found out recently I popped out a rib six months ago and after visiting the chiropractor last week, it was great. But, I think it popped out again).

With the mentality of a Navy Seal (and desire to be as bad-ass as one), I’ve pushed myself to a place I thought was healthy. But, clearly, it wasn’t. The thing is, I’m not the only one who does this. Society sets many unrealistic expectations when it comes to the way we think we should look, the types of foods we have available and how we should eat, and the tasks we should accomplish every day.

The root culprit? FOMO, or Fear of Missing Out.

We humans (myself included) are scared to death of not being good enough. We’re so scared of it, in fact, we can’t see how perfect and awesome we are in our simple, happy-go-lucky state. We’ve been taught that we have to kill ourselves working to prove our worth or contribution to the world. Unfortunately, this is the belief of millions of people on the planet.

In recognition of this unhealthy way of living, I decided to write this blog post. The realization that I’ve been hurting myself more than helping it by accomplishing everything I thought I needed to do kind of slapped me in the face today. When I was pondering the topic, I realized that none of it is worth it if I ruin my health in the process. (Kind of like my previous realization that the people in your life are what make it worth living!) 

Now is where I try to define the Creator’s perspective on this topic. As Lao Tzu once said, nature never hurries yet everything is accomplished. When we step back and gain perspective of the planet, the solar system, the Universe, and then all of life in it, we are prompted to conclude that we are rushing for no reason. And, the “busy, busy, busy” mentality is not in alignment with Source or our ultimate well-being.

What is alignment with Source is a state of “flow.” In this state, we feel guided and inspired, not hurried or rushed. We feel calm and clear, not anxious and/or depressed. In flow, we feel collected, thoughtful, and motivated to do something. In this state, one doesn’t berate themselves or look down on their actions, thinking “I am not good enough, nor will I ever be.” No, in “flow,” we feel peaceful, hopeful, and in love with the creation process. That is where the Creator seeks for us to be. Why? Because Source Consciousness (which we are extensions of) wants US to be happy because we are PART of the whole!

Credit: Pixabay
Credit: Pixabay

All one needs to do to be “successful” or “productive” through the Creator’s lens is to allow. This state is opposite from the frenzy mentality most of us have adopted. But, it is always within reach. For some people, meditation can help you find flow again. For others, like myself, doing something creative is a great way to become inspired and remember a former child-like state. And, of course, living in a healthy and conscious way is an effortless way to regain more flow in your life.

I don’t know about you, but I am going to take this lesson to heart in the year to come. Don’t get me wrong — I have so much I want to accomplish in my lifetime. But, as I move forward, I am going to listen to my body more. I am going to recognize that Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will all of my hopes and dreams. Now, don’t lose sight that the same goes for you, too. 


Like the Creator, I will attempt to look at the world through a lens of pure love, to recognize that we are SO blessed with everything we already have, and to let go of my own definition of success and productivity because clearly, it isn’t serving myself or others. Will you join me? Comment your thoughts below and share this article, please!

Until next time,