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Thank you for your interest in working with me. I have over eight years of experience blogging and writing, with the past three years working as a full-time staff writer for a number of alternative media sites. 

My specialties include holistic health, activism, sustainability, eco-travel, news, poverty, and positive happenings.

Because the sheer volume of articles written and published over the years is intensive, only a sampling is included below.

Health and Longevity

Marijuana Kills Cancer Cells, Admits US National Cancer Institute

 New Study: Almost All Ground Beef Is ‘Contaminated With Fecal Matter’

 8 Nations Going Vegetarian, Proving To The World Less Is More

New Study: Depression Definitely Linked To Refined Carbohydrates

Still Consume White Flour? After Reading This, You Won’t…

How to Live 100+ Years with Bernard Lapallo

Why it’s okay sometimes to NOT Exercise

7 Ways to Start a Relationship with Yourself

5 Benefits of Not Wearing Make-Up

How to Become a Vegan Superhero

How to Get Out of Your Own Way

3 Essential Tips for the New Raw Foodie

7 Ways to Jump-start a Healthier Lifestyle

Why you should Ditch your iPod the Next Time you Work Out

20 Ways to be Happy without a Dime

What my Eating Disorder Didn’t Teach Me

5 Ways to Eat More Bananas

7 Signs You’re Getting Healthier

8 Ways to Get Your Child off of Ritalin

6 Ways to Get Your Best Sleep

5 Ways to Re-hydrate and Heal your Body

7 Ways to Adopt Color Therapy for FREE!

What’s in your Salad Dressing (And what to do about it!)

9 Natural ways to offset Radiation Poisoning

5 Home-made (and Dairy Free!) Milk alternatives

5 Herbal Teas to have on Hand

10 Plant-based Protein Powerhouses

10 Reasons to Fast…And not just for Health

10 Home-made Baby Food Recipes

6 Reasons to Ditch the Make-up

Man Who Lost 154 Pounds Claims Whole-Foods Diet Was Key

How to De-Calcify Your Pineal Gland With Food

10 Natural & Homemade Bug Repellents

10 Healthy Snacks to Boost Your Health

Science Proves Hugging Trees is Good for Health

First School in the US Goes Vegan

7 Reasons to Drink Warm Water Every Morning

15 Spices to Help You Lose Weight

Boiling Coca Cola is Terrifying, And One More Reason to Ditch the Drink

This Drug Kills Someone Every 10 Seconds, Yet It’s Perfectly Legal

20 People From All Over the World & Their Diets

You’ll Be Surprised at What Sleep Deprivation Does to Your Body

10 Healthy Foods Missing From Your Body

MRI Shows Cancer Cells Thrive on Processed Sugar

This Fruity Alternative Works 5x Better Than Cough Syrup

10 Ways to Re-Use Your Coffee Grounds

“How I Healed Myself from Cancer – Naturally”

New Study: Drinking Coffee Could Cut Diabetes Risk In Half

Scotland Completely Bans GMO Crops

Breaking: Ebola Vaccine Proves 100% Successful In Guinea

Awesome Device Shows Where Patient’s Veins Are Located

Sweden Is Considering Implementing A ‘Meat Tax’

New Study: Cellphones Really ARE Causing Cancer

Vegan Company Turns Down Google’s $300 Million Buy-Out Offer

Freaky Photos Of Daisies From Fukushima’s ‘Safe Zone’ Caused By ‘Hormonal Imbalances’

Oncologist Sentenced To 45 Years In Prison For Wrongly Diagnosing And Administering Chemo To Patients

New Study: Living Near Trees Is Good For Your Body AND Wallet

Fenway Park is ‘Going Organic’ With NEW Rooftop Garden!

40% Of Russia’s Food Is Grown From Dacha Gardens

Little Girl Perfectly Explains SB277 (CA’s Mandatory Vaccine Law) To Adults

New Study Finds Connection Between Fracking And Increased Hospitalizations

Study: US Adults STILL Only Consume 9% Of Their Recommended Vegetable Intake

Shocking? 68% Of Doctors Believe GMOs Should Be Labeled

New Study Concludes Fruit Helps Your Body Burn Stored Fat

End Of Aspartame: Study Links Diet Soda To Major Problems

These Foods Magically Regrow Themselves From Kitchen Scraps [Infographic]

15 Shocking Ingredients You Didn’t Know Are In A Hot Dog…

New Study: GMO Corn Makes Rats Infertile

Effective Male Birth Control To Come To Market – Safety TBD

The Average American Now Weighs 18% More Than In 1960

Ben & Jerry’s To Produce A Dairy-Free Ice Cream

Meet The Doctor Who Prescribes Fruit And Vegetables Instead Of Drugs!

This 19-Year-Old May Have Discovered The Cure For Colon Cancer…

[Watch] Italians Try American Snacks For The First Time… And Aren’t Impressed.

Major Vermont Hospital Plans To Remove GMOs From Its Menu

Amy’s Kitchen To Launch FIRST Organic Drive-Thru Restaurant

[Study] Poor Diets Are Lowering Children’s IQ

This Iron Fish Is Saving Lives In Poverty-Stricken Cambodia 


Science, Environment, & Economics

Breaking: Germany Follows Scotland’s Lead And Opts To Ban GMOs

India Unveils The World’s First 100% Solar Powered Airport

Solar-Powered Mayflower Will Cross The Atlantic 400 Years After Pilgrim Voyage

Human Emissions Are Intensifying California Drought, Says New Study

Paint With The Sun With This Creative New Tool

Eco-Friendly 3D Printer Prints LIVING Gardens From Organic Ink

Octopuses Are So Intelligent, Scientists Are Sure They Must Be Aliens

Ireland Built Its First Shipping Home Container In 3 Days To House The Homeless

Artist Melts 1,527 Guns And Turns Them Into Shovels For Planting Trees

In One Month, Colorado Sold $34 Million In Marijuana: $3.4 Million Went To Schools, And Crime Decreased By 15%

Future Showerhead Uses 70% Less Water And Still Gets The Job Done!

40 Ways to Reduce Debt and Gain Financial Freedom

Ingenious 19-year-old Develops Plan to Clean up Oceans in 5 Years

16-year-old Invents Bio-plastic from Banana Peels

10 Ways the World Will Change by 2025

Colorado’s Major Twist in its Marijuana Program

Why You Should Support Recovery-Waste Certified Restaurants

Norway Seeks to Criminalize Begging

Illinois Bans Micro-beads Which are Toxic & Poisonous to Fish

Feces-Powered Bus Breaks World Speed Record!

Collapsible Refugee Shelter Powered by the Sun

This Algae Battery Could Power a Tesla with 200x the Charge

Environmental Photographer of the Year Beautifully Showcases Climate Change

Arizona Prisons Go “Meat-Free”, Save 200K

Germany’s First Waste-Free Supermarket Is About to Open Its Doors

You’ll Be Shocked at What This Make-Believe Girl Meals to 1K Sexual Predators

This 8-year-old Transmutes Negative Energy with Crystal Grids – And Explains How it Works!

How This 9-year-old Built a “No-Kill” Animal Shelter

First 100% Sustainable Place on Earth

This is the “Holy Shit” Moment that Proves Global Warming

Michigan Loses Right to Farm

Biodegradable Cigarette Filters Flower Into Trees When Thrown Away

This Couple Paved Their Driveway With Solar Panels

Seattle Raises Minimum Wage to $15, Highest in US

France Says Nutella Is ‘Bad For The Environment’. After Reading This, You Might Too.

Government Gives New Rights to Transgender Students

National School Consortium Plans Solar Panels for Every US School

Dallas Ends Water Fluoridation, Saves $1 Million

Vermont Victory: Senate Passes GMO-Labeling Law!

Netherlands Plan 100,000 More Solar Panels in 1 Year!

Princeton Study Confirms America’s Government: And it’s Not Democratic.

Women Sterilized in California Prisons to Cut Welfare Costs

Japan Cancels Whale Hunt Off of Antarctica

This Giant Basket Captures Drinking Water From the Air

Scientists in the Stone Age?

Swiss Plan to Pay Basic Income – Regardless of Job

16 Children and Their Bedrooms Around the World

This 14-year-old Figured Out How to Save the US Millions

By 2030, Driving Will Be Illegal. Here’s Why…

Was Shakespeare A Stoner? According To Scientists, Likely So…

[Must See] The World’s First Hover-board In Action!

China To Build A 6,300-Acre Solar Project In The Gobi Desert

America’s First Hemp House Pulls CO2 From The Air!

Start-Up Created By Harvard Students Lets You Test-Drive Tiny Home Living For $99/Night

18 CEOs Called Out By Bernie Sanders For Taking Trillions In Bailouts, Evading Taxes, and Outsourcing Jobs

This Incredible System Generates Electricity From Living Plants

Coastal Cities May Soon Be Uninhabitable As Glaciers Are Melting 10x Faster Than Thought…

These Newly-Discovered (And Adorably Cute) Chameleons May Help Save The Rainforest

The World’s Largest Vertical Farm Will Produce 2 Million Pounds Of Produce

The World Population Is Expected To Hit 11.2 Billion By 2100

Artist Creates Shower Curtain That Evicts You If You Stay Too Long

Obama Unveils Major Ivory Trade Ban To Save African Elephants

Airline Passengers May Now Legally Carry Marijuana On Oregon Flights

This Lamp Will Burn All Night Powered By Nothing More Than Salt Water

Only 100 Tigers Remain In The Sundarban Forests Of Bangladesh

World’s FIRST Malaria Vaccine Approved, To Be Dispersed Not-For-Profit

New ‘Earth’ Capable Of Life Discovered By NASA Scientists

Update: House Passes Bill Blocking States From Requiring GMO Labels On Food

Neat Bike Device Pulls Water From The Air As You Cycle

An Englishman Crowdfunded A Greek Bailout And Raised A Quarter Million Euro!

Bad News: Ocean Temperatures Are The WARMEST They’ve Been In 135 Years

Study: Humans Must Preserve Plant Life Or Prepare For Extinction

‘Smart Bins’ Will Act As Wi-Fi Hot Spots To Those In Underserved Neighborhoods

Education Can Be Beamed To Poor, Rural Areas With This New Device

Congress Could Soon Pass A Ban On GMO Labeling (Introduced by Monsanto)

This Entrepreneur Converted An Old Caravan Into A Mobile Office Space [Must See]

The Netherlands To Construct Recycled Plastic Roads That Snap Together Like Legos!

Japan’s Abandoned Golf Courses Are Being Transformed Into Solar Power Farms!

These Biodegradable Plates Are Made Completely From Food Waste

Denmark Just Produced 140% Of Its Electricity Needs Via Wind Power

Awesome ‘Origami’ Pots Grow With Your Plants

[Watch] Given A Choice Between A Chocolate Bar or Silver Worth $150, Americans Choose Chocolate

Hawaii Just Banned Plastic Bags At Grocery Checkouts!

Researchers Invent Nano-Tires That Harvest Energy From Friction

Solar-Powered Plane Breaks Record For Longest Non-Stop Flight!

New Walking Robot Invented To Assist Elder Citizens

Awesome Living Algae Lamps Produce Food, Heat, AND Light!

How Much Water Do You Eat? Interesting Infographic Breaks It Down

Adidas Creates Sneakers From Ocean Trash And Fishing Nets Taken From Poachers

BMW To Only Produce Electric Vehicles Within 10 Years

Within 10 Years, One Third Of Polar Bears Will Be Dead

Updated Red List: 23,000 Species Near Extinction

Europe Will Be 50% Powered By Renewable Energy By 2030

Recently Unveiled Robot Can Build A Brick House In Two Days!

Designer Gavin Munro Doesn’t Build Furniture, He Grows It!

Innovative ‘Design Of The Year’ Will Replace Animals In Lab Tests

Lego To Make Its Iconic Plastic Blocks From Sustainable Materials

Breaking: Supreme Court Declares Same-Sex Marriage Legal In All 50 US States

For The First Time Ever, Prosthetic Feet Can Feel The Ground!

Bicycle-Mounted Device Projects Relevant Signals Onto Cyclists’ Backs

New Solar Plant Will Be Shaped In A Heart To ‘Show Love For The Planet’

African Elephants May Go Extinct Within The Next Decade

Officials To Build A ‘Butterfly Highway’ To Save The Monarch Species

Bad News: There Are Only TWO Intact Forests Left On Planet Earth

Incredible Photos Reveal What’s Really Lurking Beneath The Water’s Surface…

New Green Overpass Allows Wildlife To Safely Cross Interstates

France Will Give Residents €10,000 If They Switch Their Diesel Vehicle To A Hybrid

When You’re Done Reading This Book, It Grows Into A Tree

French Court Rules It Unconstitutional To Cut Anybody Off From Water!

Shocking Infographic Explains How Pollution Is Clogging Our Oceans

This Could Be The Flag That Represents Planet Earth!

Scientists Create ‘Smog-Eating’ Concrete That Could Cut Pollution By 42%!

New Bionic Lens Could Give You Vision BETTER Than 20/20 For Life!

 Activism & Rights

For The First Time In History, Women In Saudi Arabia Are Allowed To Vote!

This 15-Year-Old Is Leading A Global Revolution For Climate Change

[Watch] Over 500,000 Ants Joined In Protest Against Deforestation

When An Activist Jumped Into A Bullfighting Ring, This Was The Crowd’s Response…

Americans Are Responsible For 75% Of All Lion Trophy Kills In Africa

Marines In Mexico Patrol This Beach To Protect Endangered Baby Sea Turtles

Activists Place Party Hats On Surveillance Cameras For George Orwell’s Birthday

It’s Now FREE And Legal To Plant A Vegetable Garden On City Land In L.A.

[Watch] Londoners Join Impromptu Dance Party To Celebrate End Of Underground Strikes

Activists Save 1,000 Cats On their Way To Be Illegally Slaughtered In China…

Costa Rica Plans To Shut Down Its Zoos And Free All Animals In Captivity

Arizona Rules All Dogs Sold In Pet Stores To Come From Shelters

Costa Rica To Shut Down Its Zoos And Free All Animals In Captivity

Activist Surfs In Hazmat Suit To Depict The Possible Future Of Oceans

These 14 Haunting Photos Depict What’s Wrong With Present Standards Of Beauty

Animal Taxidermy With Human Faces? This Activist Is Going Far To Prove A Point…

Man Shoots Armadillo, Then Gets Hit In The Face With Bullet Ricochet

This Is What Supermarkets Will Look Like If Bees Disappear…

Delta Airlines Just Banned Trophy Animals From Being Shipped

Watch Out, Google, This Website Plants Trees With Every Search

15 Photos Of Endangered Species Lighting Up The Side Of The Empire State Building

Chief Of Malawi Annuls Child Marriages And Sends Kids To School

Peru Will Provide FREE Solar To 2 Million Of Its Poorest Residents

Breaking: Activists Stop Oil Vessel Attempting To Leave Portland Harbor

SeaWorld Self-Funds Study To Prove Orca Longevity, And It Ends Up Backfiring…

Watch This 60-Second Video And You’re Guaranteed To Change…

[Watch] Neil Young Releases Mini-Documentary Exposing Monsanto And The ‘Dark Act’

Breaking: New Pharma Bill Quietly Passes US House

Sr. Patrick Stewart Needs Your Help Capturing Whale Snot With Drones

Generosity Triumphs Greed In This Awesome Social Experiment

100,000 German Beekeepers Just Called For A Ban On GMOs

’Spy Cams’ Are Being Inserted Into Rhino Horns To Deter Poachers From Hunting Them

Students Develop A Tiny Home Bio-habitat To Remedy The Affordable Housing Crisis

Worthless? This Activist Voices What’s ‘Really’ Wrong With Britain’s System

Malaysia Just Passed A New, Stricter Welfare Act For Animals

UNDER REVIEW: Disturbing: Planned Parenthood Director Caught On Tape ‘Selling Aborted Baby Parts’

These 12-Year-Old Kids Discuss Race More Candidly Than Most Adults [Watch]

California Photographer Captures Lit Portraits Of Homeless To Remind Us They’re People Too

NYC Bar Tackles Gender Inequality By Charging Women Only 77% Of The Tab

Brilliant Ad Depicts How ‘The More We Connect, The Less We Connect’

New Law Protects People Who Break Into Hot Cars To Save Pets

Are Londoner’s Horrible? You May Be Surprised By This Experiment…

Watch What Happens When Activists Dare A Cop To Turn On The Machine That Grinds Baby Chicks…

Conservationists Have Been Dyeing Rhino Horns Pink To Ward Off Poachers… And It’s Working!

Photographer Captures Homeless Peoples’ Transformations To Convey Their Inner ‘Rock Star’

One-of-a-kind School Caters Specifically To Homeless Kids

Australia’s Oldest Man Knits Sweaters For Penguins Affected By Oil Spills

Humans Trade Places With Animals In This Horrifying Animal Experimentation Campaign

Photographer Captures Children Hypnotized By TV, Proving The Zombie Apocalypse Is Real

Innovative Organization Turns African Poachers Into Sustainable Farmers

Hawaii Plans To Transform Its Old Buses Into Homeless Shelters With Showers

SeaWorld’s New Ad Desperately Tries To Convince You Their “Orcas Are Thriving”

Hugh Jackman Raises Awareness About ‘Fair Trade’ Coffee In New Documentary

Houston, Texas Reduces Homelessness By 50% In 4 Years!

It’s Time To Connect With Your Friends Without Cell Phones, And Start Living Your Life!

China Plans To Phase Out Domestic Ivory Market, Crack Down On Illegal Trade

Tesco Grocery Stores Will Offer Unsold Food To Those In Need

14 Powerful Photos Of Men Reacting To The New Mandatory Lithuanian Army Draft

Jon Stewart Brilliantly Summarizes The Problem With Caitlyn Jenner’s Media Coverage

The Hunger Games of CBS: Families Get $101,000 With A Sickening Twist

This Kitchen Manager Was Fired For Giving Food To Children Without Lunch Money

In Germany, Elder Residents Deliver Your Vegetables On Bicycles!

In The UK, Even DUCKS Get Their Own Lane!

Her Ingenious Solution Is Helping Curb Female Drop-Out Rates In Africa

Costa Rica Becomes The FIRST Nation To Ban Hunting!


Spirituality & Positive News

 Floral Designer “Recycles The Love” By Delivering Used Bouquets To The Elderly

Largest Study Of Near-Death Experiences Concludes Awareness To Last Beyond Brain Waves

Surfer Dude Turns Social Entrepreneur And Is Changing Lives In Indonesia!

HONY Facebook Page Raises $2 Million For Humans Of Pakistan Living In Bondage

3 Ways to Have Faith in Yourself – You are Worth It

3 Ways to Healthfully Express Your Emotions

How Clean-Eating Increases Spirituality

10 Affirmations for Self Appreciation

10 Most Influential Books for Personal Growth

Florida Pizzeria ‘Pies It Forward’ With Free Slices For The Hungry

9 Ways to Heal the Heart

6 Signs you’re a Futurist

12 Signs you’re Spiritual and Don’t Even Know It

5 Reasons to Support a Crowd-funding Campaign Today

6 Tips to Boost Your Self Esteem

Watch These Bears Run Free After Living 20 Years In Cramped Cages

This Massachusetts Town Is Sending Addicts To Rehab, Rather Than Jail

Romanian City Gives Free Bus Rides To Passengers If They Read Books Inside

Teen Model With Down Syndrome Is Proving To The World That Beauty Is Diverse

After He Lost His Wife, This Man Planted 400 Acres Of Sunflower Seeds To Fund Cancer Research

Kind Waitress Pays For Firefighters’ Meal, Then Receives The Greatest “Thank You” Imaginable

Amazing Great-Grandmother Feeds 200 Needy School Kids Every Day

Town In Spain Installs Outdoor Refrigerator To Feed Locals And Reduce Food Waste

Children Get Free Haircuts When They Read To This Barber

When Documenting The Homeless, This Photographer Ended Up Finding Her Estranged Father

By Asking One Simple Question, This Teen Saved A Man’s Life

Boy Scouts Finally Ends Controversial Ban On Openly-Gay Leaders

Breakthrough: US Senate Confirms First-Ever Native American Woman As Federal Judge

For Their Wedding, This Turkish Couple Invited 4,000 Refugees To Celebrate With Them

5 Pictures Of Jia Jia, The World’s Oldest Panda, Celebrating Her 37th Birthday

Amazing! The World’s Largest FREE Kitchen Feeds 100K+ People Per Day

Thanks to Google, The Entire Nation Of Sri Lanka Will Soon Have Wi-Fi Access

Inspiring 12-Year-Old Uses His “Make-A-Wish” To Feed Others

A Herd Of 30 Cows Helped Save This Baby Seal’s Life

Nike Partnered With A Disabled Teen To Create An Easy-Entry Shoe, And It’s Incredible!

Incredible! This Dog Sensed A Baby Dolphin In Crisis And Urged Its Owner To Help

This Is What Happened When The City Of Melbourne Gave Email Addresses To Trees…

[Watch] Coke’s Ramadan Campaign Promotes Tolerance By Dropping Its Own Label

(Update) Homeless Musician Gets A Makeover And New Job!

This Pit Bull Is Best Friends With Baby Turkeys (Cuteness Overload)

This Man Has Dedicated His Life To Patrolling Japan’s Lonely Cliffs and Preventing Suicides

Homeless Man Finds $2,000 And Returns It, Then Donates Reward Money

Renegade Barber Gives Haircuts To The Homeless While Overcoming His Own Addiction

Bangladesh Has Cut Hunger Rate By 50%, Leading Rest Of The World

Man Wins The Lottery And Rents Billboard Space To Help Save Women’s’ Lives

9-Year-Old Builds Tiny Homes For The Homeless Because “Everyone Deserves A Place To Live”

Shamed Dancing Man FINALLY Gets His Party In L.A.!

Watch This Mama Elephant And Her Baby Reunite After Years Apart!

California Is Giving Away FREE Solar Panels To Its Poorest Residents
Plant-Based Recipes

– BloomforLife.org – Archive of self-created and photographed plant-based recipes.

5 Easy-to-Make Raw Desserts

10 Ways to Add more Plant-Based Foods into your Diet

3 Ways to Make Your Own Granola



Michael Arnstein – Ultra-marathoner – on a Fruit-Based Diet for Optimum Results

Loren Lockman, World-Renowned Water Faster, on Perfect Health

Rob Greenfield – “Anyone Can Be A TrueActivist”

For 10 Years She Lived Uninhibited In Africa; Here Are The Photos From Her Unique Childhood 

Travel & Culture

7 lessons from Costa Rican Cuisine

5 Lessons from the Tropics

Incredible Photos of People Living Off Grid Who Abandoned Civilization

South Mountain in the Flourishing City of Phoenix, Arizona

Sunken, Lost City of Heracleion brought back to life in 3D

First Archaeological Evidence of Vampires?

This is What Americans Will Look like by 2050


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