By Mandy Froelich / Life in Bloom

Dear reader,

Thank you for taking the time to read these words, despite probably having hundreds of things outlined on your to-do list. My name is Mandy, and it is my pleasure to connect with you through Life in Bloom.

This platform, as I explain in the ‘About’ page, was started nearly a decade ago when I began developing a healthy relationship with food. Prior to my infatuation with plant-based treats, nut mylks, healthy cooking, and food photography, I punished myself through binge-purge cycles, over-exercising, and withholding food.

I have since developed a strong connection to Spirit and, as a result, my Highest self. And each day, the path unfolds before me in beautiful and glorious ways. This isn’t to say that it’s always “peachy” and I never experience stress. In fact, sometimes, it can be quite the opposite. To walk a spiritual path takes perseverance, loyalty and, above all, faith.

In the years since Life in Bloom has started, my interests have only continued to develop. And, my existential musings have only broadened. I now view this platform to be one of many ways to help people help themselves. Because healthy food is either hard to find or too expensive (or both), my hope is that the recipes and coaching offered inspires consumers to simply “be the change” they want to see.

If we collaborate and support the truth that everyone deserves nourishing and affordable food, then we, the people, could be responsible for installing vertical gardens in urban neighborhoods, aquaponic food banks, spirulina farms, and more. It excites me to think about what the future can hold.

That said, please think of this resource as yours. Though I do blog about my own life and travels on Life in Bloom, the hub of recipes and nutritional advice exists to inspire and inform. Leave feedback, share away, offer suggestions.

I am grateful for the opportunity to build this platform, future cooking videos, and perhaps even live events. Until then, thank your support.

Kind regards,