So, you’re interested in Reiki, energy medicine, and explore your innate spirituality. Wonderful! It would be my pleasure to help.  

My name is Mandy Froelich, and for as long as I can remember, I’ve had a strong connection with Spirit. Trials during my teenage years strengthened my resolution to listen to God, or Spirit’s loving direction, and my life is what it is today as a result.

As an attuned (and certified) Reiki Master Therapist, I work with Spirit (or, Universal loving Source consciousness) to tune into your many bodies (several physical, mental, emotional, and soul) to learn what’s going on in all systems that are affecting your main complaint(s).

Perhaps you’ve never overcome a painful trauma, such as suddenly losing a loved one. Maybe you feel like you’re not acting your best, and it’s largely due to not feeling well. Or, perhaps you just feel that something is off and want to connect with Higher aspects of yourself and the Universe. Of course, you or a loved one might also be  battling a terminal illness in which case, healing is the forefront priority. As an extension of Spirit (so are you!) I work with all of these scenarios.  

About Me

I grew up listening to the subtle tones of the forest and a loving, inner guidance for as long as I can remember. Over the years, I gave more and more attention to the feelings inside and around me and developed my clairvoyant, clairsentient, and clairaudient abilities. I am highly empathetic and feel a great portion of what my clients are going through.

When I conduct a Reiki session, I am in a space of “true integrity” which means there is no judgement, simply filtering and acting as a channel for Spirit to pour loving energy into your being. When messages need to come through, I will speak up, as it is my obligation (and part of the reason one might want a Reiki session). However, I behave as a friend during the initial consult, Reiki session, and continued treatments afterward. Your experience is private and will never be shared.  

My goal is to help you feel safe and to chip away at the layers of vulnerability. When we allow our hearts to open and for ourselves to feel/act honest and authentic, that’s when true healing begins. The biggest part of it is showing up.

Sometimes, your Ego can overrule your Conscious mind and convince you that it’s a bunch of hocus pocus and you don’t need it… or that you don’t have time to invest in a new experience. From my practice, I have seen that initial interest followed by feelings of uncertainty is oftentimes a sign that one could certainly benefit from a session.

Reiki can help you:

  • Feel lighter, mentally, emotionally, and energetically
  • Tap into your spiritual side
  • Heal emotional trauma
  • Speed up healing
  • Experience full body relaxation
  • Develop psychic protection and heal damage caused by tools such as the Ouija board, etc..
  • Grow more comfortable in your body
  • Heighten creativity

What to Expect from a Reiki Session

A Reiki session will always begin with an introduction. We’ll sit in a private and relaxing environment while I learn more about you, your beliefs, and your current complaints or health problems. You will lay (fully clothed) on a massage table, covered by a blanket, while I first ask permission to give you Reiki, then add symbols to your aura (passed down by Master Usui, and assist the transmutation process).

Relaxing, natural music will play in the background as breath by breath, you receive loving energy from Source Consciousness and your energy bodies “get a bath”. We can talk, or it can be perfectly silent. The progression begins at the Crown of your head and moves through the chakras toward your toes. My goal is to ensure you feel as comfortable as possible; if there is ever a position that doesn’t feel good, please communicate and I will adjust accordingly.

Every session is unique!

Sometimes, I will feel the need to guide a client through a meditation to help distract the “monkey mind” and get energy flowing. Other times, their experience may guide the session, which typically lasts around 45 minutes.

Following a session, you may feel light, relaxed, and slightly outside of your body. I typically ground after the process for this reason, and to ensure you feel more comfortable inside your vessel. After you get a drink of water and take 5-10 minutes to come back, we will chat about the experience, what you felt, and anything that came up (including past lives, it happens!).

The session will end with us either scheduling another appointment, or us wrapping up the conversation and you heading home. I always recommend drinking plenty of water and keeping a journal near your bed for dreams the night after.

Have a question? Don’t hesitate to get in touch. – Mandy