Mimicking the natural drying process of the sun, a dehydrator is a piece (big piece) of equipment that allows one to create foods without water content – and for a raw foodist, they are extremely useful to mimic cooked foods creations while keeping foods ‘live’. Because the temperature does not exceed 115 degrees, the dehdyratorenzymes are kept intact while the food is still very nourishing and full of unadulterated minerals and nutrients. By far – if you’re going to eat version of ‘pizza’ or ‘crackers’, making a raw, vegan version is much healthier than buying a box of processed Triscuits from the market.

So with a fantastical machine like this, why would I sell it?


There are 5 reasons that I’m going to share with you below, why a dehydrator is not for me, but doesn’t mean it’s not right for you!

  1. 1) Technically not a WHOLE food-process

    When you take anything out of a whole food (water) it is technically denatured. For me, personally, I’m at a level where I feel best consuming plants in their whole, unprocessed state. This means I eat VERY simply. I can’t remember the last time I created a raw pizza (besides work) or gorged on raw crackers… These food combinations are high in nuts and seeds, and now that I am detoxified past that level, consuming that amount of fat in my diet just isn’t optimal.
    When I first went raw, I experienced incredible healing because these foods were the instigators of detoxification and healing, but now that I’ve gained a lot of clarity and health, consuming fresh fruits and vegetables helps me feel my best. I don’t need a dehydrator to create mock versions of unhealthy cooked foods – I enjoy nature’s bounty as it is. 1238_490187714353963_226988858_n

  2. 2) The Importance of Hydration

    The more I learn, the more I realize that WATER is SO important to our health! Dehydration is one of the biggest contributors to sickness – and even though you may be eating raw food – eat too much dehydrated food that doesn’t have water in it anyways, and you’ll have to use YOUR water to hydrate the food, to digest it, which you lose through elimination. I love feeling hydrated, why make it more difficult? I like to stick to fresh fruits n veg. 2fa16303a919704f3878e3d7d2ba-grande

  3. 3) I’m moving to Costa Rica!

    There we go – another main reason. I’m moving! I’ll be working at Finca De Vida (Farm of Life) in Costa Rica as a volunteer for a while. Because I don’t need a dehydrator and don’t want it collecting dust, might as well give it to someone and use the money for travel.

  4. 4) Someone else will get a lot more use out of it

    A dehydrator is a FANTASTIC tool when beginning on your raw food journey. I don’t think I would have stayed raw if I couldn’t have gotten creative in the kitchen, making granolas, desserts, and dehydrated meat loafs. It’s FUN! Food is awesome, and there’s an incredible feeling of love when you get to create HEALTHY food in the kitchen. I’m still a chef, I LOVE making great, raw, vegan food for people – but for me personally, I don’t need a dehydrator.


Maybe someday you’ll feel the same, maybe not! For me, these 4 reasons are why I sold my dehydrator. What are your thoughts on this?


And because not everyone has one anyways and I’m starting to drip sweat as I write this in the Phoenix, 90 degree sun – here’s a recipe to inspire you to include more fresh raw, fruits and vegetables in your diet! Inspired by my trip to Costa Rica…Live your vibrancy and get your glow with this smoothie!


Exotic Jungle Smoothie


  • 2 Bananas

  • 1/2 Papaya

  • 1 Mango

  • 2 Kiwis

  • A dozen strawberries

  • 1/2 Cup pineapple (optional)

  • One to two cups of cranberry juice or water to taste


1) Blend on High

2) Sing really crazily while no one can hear you. After it’s smooth & creamy – you’re done!

3) Pour in a delightfully tall glass – lick the sides of the blender, and Enjoy!

Enliven your Life with Fruits and Veggies!

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