This is a different post than usual. Having stumbled across an incredible site with infographics, the artistic nerd I am decided to scoop them up (credit is given!) and share them with you!

By now you’ve been told at least a few to a couple hundred times just how beneficial certain behaviors and lifestyle choices are for you. I mean, everyone seems to have a degree in nutrition nowadays, right? (That was humor, discard if you cannot grasp sarcasm).


But the point is, there’s truth behind the suggestions to ditch the processed food (it’s high in refined sugars, low-quality fats, a concoction of chemicals and additives, and just is really bad for your body), spend more time meditating (you’ll calm your mind and become more grounded in yourself), and get more sleep (more Zzzzz’s are linked to better mental health, stable weight, improved immune system, etc…).

But most people choose only to read a small amount and have short attention span. Therefore they’re much more likely to pay attention to attractive, vibrant, and appealing information presented in a fun way.

THAT’s why infographics rock. You can learn a ton from them in a short period of time. So finally, here are three explanatory infographics that explain Your Body On:


To be clear, this refers to high amounts of processed sugar. There is a difference between natural, fruit sugar and the refined, chemically processed junk that gets added to beverages, snacks, and fast food.



Dreamy land, here you come!



Thanks to our friends at Health Central, lack of sleep is broken down.


Wow – wasn’t that fun? More articles will come in the future, but this awesomeness had to be shared.

PRINT THESE OUT if you need a reminder as to why you are sticking to a healthy lifestyle. Every ounce of inspiration helps!

Bloom for Life! You deserve nothing less.