It’s now a common fact that Mercury is highly toxic and exposure to it should be avoided at all costs, but then why do dentists keep putting Mercury in people’s bodies in the form of Amalgam fillings! Remember Alice & Wonderland and the Mad Hatter? Yeah, he was an example of the ‘madness’ that can result from high levels of mercury in the body. Because hatters of that time used mercury to cure felt, they often exhibited deteriorating mental conditions and odd ‘tics’ (leading to the phrase “mad as a hatter”). The insanity and cognitive dysfunction the hatter in Wonderland displayed are just two conditions linked with mercury toxicity. madhatter-263x300

Others include:

Mental Confusion Fogginess Birth Defects Neurodegenerative Diseases Autoimmune Disease and other illnesses The problem with mercury fillings, as written about by Charlotte Gerson in Healing the Gerson Way (pg 103), is that “mercury damage can be caused by releasing small amounts into the system by chewing, drinking, and swallowing. These small but continuously released amounts of what is a potent nerve toxin are also absorbed by the lungs and the linings of the digestive system into the bloodstream, leading to severe harm.”

View the book here: Healing the Gerson Way: Defeating Cancer and Other Chronic Diseases

aug08_4 But many dentists (near 50%) are still using mercury fillings, even though they are an outdated form of stopping tooth degeneration and have many health effects associated with them.

And although that rate has decreased, many are still living with the amalgam fillings in their mouth.

1) Highly Toxic

According to the EPA, “Dental offices were found in 2003 to have been the source of 50 percent of all mercury pollution entering POTWs.” [Publicly Owned Treatment Works] If that’s not shocking enough, the associated illnesses (listed above) with high levels of mercury should make you think twice before ever getting another one – or even keeping the ones you have in your  mouth in! Many people have had their mercury fillings removed and experienced great health transformations. It is not uncommon for people to experience relief from digestion problems, ease of losing weight (the last 5-10 stubborn pounds), relief from asthma, skin problems, congestion… among other benefits! The temporary ‘detox’ after getting mercury fillings removed is nothing compared to how much pain and suffering is caused by keeping the fillings in one’s mouth.

2) Costly

While this is obviously subject to change depending on one’s particular location, it is much less expensive to use alternative form of fillings if you want to get yours removed or need a new one. (They are listed in #3). The average cost of a mercury filling in the United States is $75 – $145, while a composite resin is likely to be $150 – $200). However, as just experienced in Latin America by myself and other friends, one can accomplish the replacement and obtainment of a resin filling for $40-$50 each. And Long Term…The initial cost to switch or obtain a resin filling may be a little bit higher than a mercury filling, but consider how much pain, self-sabotage, and discomfort you are saving yourself. Instead of slowly poisoning yourself over time every time you breath, inhale, or chew.. and then needing costly medications to better conditions caused by mercury toxicity, you can enjoy your life and save a butt-load of money down the road. Consider that in 2010 the US spent over $220 billion dollars on preventable health issues (this has no doubt increased); who has that kind of money? To get to the root of the issue and prevent hormone, neurological, and physical degeneration caused by mercury toxicity, you will not only improve your well-being, but save a lot of money later on.

3) Better Alternatives Exist

There are alternative forms of fillings that can replace and be used instead of almagam fillings. MERCURY

(NOT my mouth – an individual who had their mercury fillings replaced with a resin composite)

While in Costa Rica, I made it a personal mission to remove all of my mercury fillings (4) and have them replaced with a natural type of cement used to fill the holes I had as a child. A wonderful dentist named Esteban carefully removed the mercury, and I was sure to follow ‘detox’ protocol to allow the remaining metal I might have inhaled or swallowed to be removed. Many others are choosing to do the same, and now have five alternative types off non-mercury tooth fillings to choose from. They follow:

  1. Resin Composite
  2. Glass Ionomer
  3. Porcelain
  4. Resin Ionomer
  5. Gold Alloys

The short-term investment is worth it for your health and well-being. Deeply consider the many issues associated with mercury / amalgam fillings, and speak to your dentist about what type may be best for you to switch to.

Need help finding a non-toxic dentist?

Visit this website: Healthy-Smile-Healthy-Body

After Getting ‘Em Out!

Follow a detox protocol (menu plan & guide coming soon), or a predominantly live-food, plant-based diet with plenty of protein (amino acids help shuttle out the toxins), heavy-metal detoxing herbs (parsley, cilantro), and immune-boosting super foods like Reishi, Chaga, and Eleuthro Root. Green juices & leafy green vegetables are also super essential during this time period. (And all times, of course!) 1970430_10152648887502166_886856206_n


Gerson Therapy: Mercury Madness! Mercola: Mercury, the Hidden Trigger to Alzheimers & Parkinsons that 75% of people Carry! BioDentist: Mercury Fillings Toxicity