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Have you heard about the celery juice protocol by Medical Medium? Apparently, it is helpful for a number of reasons, including improving digestion (by increasing HCL levels in the stomach), eliminating bugs and viruses from the body (that can live in organs and the lymph system for years, contributing to mysterious “autoimmune illnesses”), and regenerating the liver (which is responsible for more than 400 tasks!).

I first learned about the protocol (which we’ll discuss below) over two years ago. A friend I met in Costa Rica introduced me to Anthony and his revelations. After purchasing his book, I immediately consumed it. In the time since I have, for the most part, adopted the recommended diet: plant-based, rich in fruits and vegetables, minimal fat and animal products). (*My body craves more fat and protein, so I’ll sometimes nosh on paleo bread or include seafood in my pea pasta dinners).

Several months ago, the celery juice protocol became a buzzword in Boulder, Colorado. It was at this point I realized it had become a nationwide phenomenon. So, I researched it some more. Amazingly enough, thousands of people have benefited from drinking 16 oz of celery juice on an empty stomach each morning.

Credit: Healthline

My first instinct was to brush it off. “It’s too simple,” I mused to myself. Then, within several days, a couple of girlfriends shared their experience of beginning to drink the juice. They said they felt more radiant, had more energy, and that their skin (both suffered from chronic acne their teenage to adult lives, like me) felt so much better. It even inspired one of them to stop wearing makeup altogether — a move I applauded but didn’t quite feel comfortable enough to join in on.

Which brings me to one week ago. I don’t know why, exactly, I decided to finally adopt the protocol. But, I had researched every bit I was going to on the subject and I felt prompted to try it out. “What the fuck,” I thought. “I can schedule in 5 extra minutes in the morning to make celery juice.” To my delight, my partner, Aaron, said he’d join me, as well.

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How I’m Feeling

Today is the seventh day of the protocol… and I am so excited to share my experience. To begin with, I feel fantastic. The last few days of emotional detox weren’t so fun (mood swings, depression, irritability, regression experiences). But today, I finally feel as if my cells are buzzing.

How Aaron’s Feeling

Aside from what he thinks might be some detox symptoms, Aaron hasn’t experienced much. However, he eats whatever he wants and rarely has health or skin issues.

My Skin

Perhaps most neat, my skin is glowing. I mark my skin’s happiness, however, by the fact that I haven’t had a single new pimple in the past 3 days (and I ate out a couple of days ago — something that always results in some inflammation). In fact, my skin is the clearest it has been in years. (For those who are just tuning in, I developed chronic cystic acne at the age of 11 and spent over a decade figuring out how to heal myself from the inside out. It’s mostly clear, but celery juice has really improved it, it seems).

Other Factors

To be fair, I did consume a good amount of bone broth yesterday (which is great for the gut and reducing inflammation), and did add collagen to my dandelion coffee (OMG, yum. Get the recipe here). These are both very beneficial for healing the gut and, in effect, the skin.

The Most Random Benefit

My creativity has gone through the ROOF this week. So much, in fact, I’ve felt slightly like a passionate, crazy artist with not enough time to craft beautiful recipes or a new illustration. For example, I made ‘Magic Panda’ earlier this week (which is also available on merchandise here. (!!!)

Untitled_Artwork 6
New recipe! Lemon + Cardamom + White Chocolate Bliss Balls. Recipe will be published in my upcoming dessert eBook
New recipe! Lemon + Cardamom + White Chocolate Bliss Balls. Recipe will be published in my upcoming dessert eBook

Will I Continue?

I don’t want to sound like an entitled white girl, but hells yes. The taste of plain ol’ celery juice doesn’t even bother me anymore. I actually look forward to it in the morning (especially if the celery is crisp and cold). It wakes me up more than coffee (though I will never give up my matcha). I don’t know if it will be a protocol I follow forever, but in just a week, it has proven itself to be an ally in the plight to get super healthy and happy.



After (7 Days of Drinking Celery Juice)


To most people, there is little difference. But, I can tell my skin is much happier. I am breaking out less, it’s less ruddy and softer, and it just feels better. (Note: no filters, lighting or extra makeup was used in any of the photographs)

Get Started

If you’re interested in starting the protocol, here’s some information to help get you started. Enjoy, beauties!

What is the Celery Juice Protocol?

The celery juice protocol was developed by Anthony Williams, a medical intuitive. It has reportedly helped hundreds of thousands of people and I, myself, have benefited from the protocol so far. Follow the link below to learn more. 

Benefits of Celery Juice

According to Williams’ site, the benefits of celery juice are vast but include:

  1. Heals chronic acid reflux Celery juice improves hydrochloric acid levels, which benefits acid reflux (chronic inflammation), viruses like strep and e. Coli, and an overburdened liver.
  • Fights autoimmune disease The root of autoimmune disease is inflammation. Celery juice’s undiscovered sodium cluster salts break down pathogens and flush them from the system.
  • Helps heal the adrenals Most people’s adrenals are exhausted. Celery juice keeps the glands stable and functioning.
  • Cleanses and rejuvenates the liver The juice’s sodium cluster salts bind onto neurotoxins, derma-toxins, and other viral waste and draw them out of the liver.
  • Eliminates strep bacteria (over time) Strep is responsible for many conditions, including acne, UTIs, SIBO, yeast infections, and more. Drinking celery juice on an empty stomach helps destroy these.
  • Kills Epstein-Barr & Shingles viruses “The white blood cells of the liver’s personalized immune system add the cluster salts to their cell membrane coatings, making them toxic to viruses,” explains Medical Medium.
  • Reduces toxic liver heat From a Chinese medical perspective, celery juice brings down liver heat and thus, purges a sluggish liver.
  • Helps against SIBO and bloating When gastric juices can’t kill strep, SIBO can develop from rampant strep. Because celery juice breaks down rotting proteins and rancid fats in the stomach and intestinal tract, it is also helpful for bloating.
  • Repairs liver bile production Celery juice strengthens the liver, which allows for better bile production. This improves the body’s ability to digest and break down fats.

How much do you have to drink?

16 oz.

Does it have to be on an empty stomach?

Yes, this is an imperative step. Read more here.

Can you add lemon or apple to the juice?

Although this would be tasty, no. According to Anthony Williams, the sodium cluster salts will be negated by any other additions to the juice. It must be plain celery. From my understanding, adding water is okay.

How long do you need to do the protocol for?

Honestly, this is up to you. Some people consider celery juice on an empty stomach to be part of their lifestyle. Some, like me, are in an experimental phase. It’s up to you based on your personal needs and healing goals.

What else does Anthony Williams say about diet/nutrition?

He has an excellent book entitled Medical Medium which I recommend you purchase and read because it goes into much more detail about the plant-based protocol than I could go into here. But, in a nutshell, Williams recommends a vegan (or predominantly plant-based) diet that is devoid of allergens like dairy, eggs, and gluten. He also recommends consuming an abundance of antioxidants, which are primarily found in live, uncooked fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. Though I personally don’t tolerate garlic and onion, he recommends these foods because they are anti-bacterial and anti-microbial. Check out his book collection below:

I hope this post was helpful to you all. If you enjoyed it, please share it with others. It really helps my website. If you have anything to add, please comment below! I love comments and will definitely respond. xo

You deserve to live a life you love,

Mandy Froelich