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5 Benefits I Experienced Shortly After Adopting A Plant-Based Diet

The first time I tried to make a healthy green soup, it didn’t turn out well. In fact, the first two weeks of my ‘vegan adventure’ were a huge mess. Granted, I was fifteen and adamant that everything I tossed into the blender or chopped up and threw into a pan on the...

Your Environment Is A Reflection Of Your Life

You know how most of the population complains about having to do mundane tasks like *gasp* cleaning? For the longest time, I, too, couldn’t understand the pleasure behind scrubbing the bathroom counter, taking out the trash, or sweeping leaves from the front yard walk...

40+ Tips & Facts That Will Increase Your Happiness!

Once you know these key facts and tips for living a more balanced life, you’ll likely experience more happiness as well.

“Doing Good & Living Green” w/ Rob Greenfield

Opportunity abounds to “do good” and live a life you love, and Rob Greenfield is one successful and inspiring example of this truth.

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