Day 2 Juice Feasting

32 Oz. OJ
32 O. OJ & Cucumber
32 Oz. Manda’s Green Juice (Recipe below)
    Kale, Celery, Cucumber, Apple, Lemon
32 Oz. 3/4 Grapefruit, 1/4 OJ with some lemon juice
50 Oz. Manda’s Green Juice




Today was tough. More than ANYTHING I wanted to just EAT a fruit or vegetable, especially working as a chef and preparing food for others ALL day … but none for myself. Masochistic or something – keeping the final goal in mind is what drives me. It was also difficult because I live a very demanding lifestyle and not consuming a lot of calories causes me to feel it in the middle of the day during a rush.

I had to go to the coffee shop after work because although I can be alright barely eating all day, I’ve gotten into the habit of poring over my work with a big bowl of food at home. I miss food. 🙁 So I sit here, with my yummy herbal tea and green juice, 56getting shot looks and thinking about bananas, sweet potatoes…yum.

Someday when I’m not needed to run around and be awesome ( and can sit and relax) I’ll juice feast for days and days…

I’m still going to juice -but it’s difficult right now.

My skin is dewy and glowing, though. So fresh and beautiful – I feel hydrated, my cheeks are warm and pulsating. It’s definitely something I could get used to. Maybe I should try it out with how I normally eat – but with TONS of green juice! Yum.



Day 3 Juice Feasting

As usual  my days look like this:

50 oz. OJ & Grapefruit Juice

50 oz. Green juice through the day

32 oz. Some new juice – example: beet, carrot, ginger, apple, lemon

32 oz. Apple or Orange Juice


I can officially say I’m done juice feasting after today.
I’ve gotten very used to the hunger and breaking my fast at night (which was when I started it previously 3 days before) even just a piece of fruit felt like a brick in my stomach.

it was interesting overcoming the addiction to ‘thinking’ I need to eat all the time, feel the different vibration of foods (which you can definitely feel once you purify and really clean yourself up, and just the overall cleansing and clarity was awesome. )



I learned to pay more attention to the food I DO consume and chew more thoroughly, mix and combine better, not go insane when I’m ‘hungry’ and be comfortable with the feeling, and just really focus more on my body.

While some may think this is a very short fast – I’m taking a different perspective on it.


I’ve adopted a practice I’d like to do EVERY week (1 day fast) and am continuing to only eat fruits and vegetables with no salt, no oil, and little to no additives  – emphasis on mono fruit meals and plenty of leafy green juices. 80 – 10 –10 style.’


I thrive best when I eat this way, and will continue to juice at least 64 oz. for the next week. That’s still getting more nutrition in one DAY than most people get in a couple of months or even a year!!!

I’ll continue to post recipes from my juices… Like the following:



Manda’s Green Juice:

Makes 50 oz.

2 Heads Kale
2 Bunches Celery
4 Cucumbers
5 Apples
1 Lemon
Optional – Ginger


TaDa! This is my staple when juicing and I LOVE it. Hopefully you will too!!

Enliven your life with Fruits n Veg – it’s so easy to feel better just by changing your habits to ones that uplift your body, mind, and soul.