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Today I want to share with you a radically refreshing post on Bloom, something I haven’t talked about for a LONG time.

I’ve been studying health for… goodness, over six years now, and in that time have come across, studied, contemplated, reviewed, and experimented with many ‘diets’ and lifestyles. All diets are based on theories, as well as one individual – or a group of individuals’ – experiences with that promoted way of living and eating. 

It was acknowledged as truth early on that the reason there are so many ‘diets’ is because pretty much every single one asks people to withdraw from their current eating plan 1) processed junk (including refined, white flour and sugar) 2) reduce their animal consumption (except for paleo/primal/Atkins) and 3) start moving their body. fruit5

These three, simple tips will help anyone begin to detoxify – removing toxicity from their system… which is actually one of the root causes of all ‘diseases’ and, thus, symptoms.


Naturopathy recognizes that nature is perfect, and we are of nature. The fact that there cannot be an effect without a cause is a clear indication that the man-made allopathic route of trying to cut, burn, and ‘treat’ illness is a backward way of thinking. If the billions of dollars being spent in pharmaceutical industries and ‘quick fixes’ are any indication, there’s a lot we – as a society – do not KNOW (or, more accurately, have not accepted because we’ve been too brainwashed) when it comes to regenerating, healing ‘dis-ease’ within the body, and living a long, healthy, and happy life.

Thankfully, the number of modalities I’ve been studying over the years have all aligned in my concept of ‘healing’, and it’s become very clear how various illness are made manifest in one’s body due to their genetic predisposition, eating and living habits, thoughts and emotions, as well as energetic karma/spiritual affiliations that affect one’s state of well-being.

Not one person will heal exactly the same way another might – and that’s a great thing. But there IS order to the system, and the one I want to introduce you to today is detoxification. 

Years of eating refined junk food products, mucus-forming dairy, acidifying grains, and refined sugars has wreaked absolute havoc on the human body. It is no longer ENOUGH to switch to a plant-based diet – we, every single one of us, has to detoxify on a cellular level and flush the acid waste stored in our cells and backed up in our lymphatic system!


Only then – like buffering a car down so you can re-paint it – will true healing take place and inevitable health result. There are things STORED in your system that must be eliminated for optimal health to take place, and this is where detoxification becomes such an important – as well as somewhat taboo – subject.


Ask various health specialists their thoughts on detoxification, and they will all (most likely) tell you something different. I’m sharing my advice and knowing based on years of research with Dr. Morse (a biochemist, Naturopath, and Iridologist) and the International School of Detoxification, as well as my personal experience (which is continuous) flushing out stagnant waste from the system, removing parasites, and cleansing the body on a deep, cellular level to fully regenerate and heal. I’ve also assisted others and witness a multitude of transformations while working at various health retreat centers around the world.

When I lived in Costa Rica for a year and a half, the same principles I’m teaching you now were shared there. Basically, one needs to re-connect with nature. That’s why not ‘one’ holistic modality will be the holy grail, but in conjunction and collaboration with each other, will aid the body in healing itself.

If you do not believe your body is able to fully regenerate from anything, we have different opinions. I believe that toxicity, acidosis, and lymphatic stagnation are the root cause of most ‘dis-eases’, and that by being in nature, getting plenty of sun, boosting the endocrine system’s health, thinking positively (and also feeling + releasing negative emotions), moving your body, and doing what you love, health is pretty much an inevitable state of ‘being’. 


I have experienced this, many other people have experienced this, and Dr. Morse and his clinic – as well as Dr. Cassar who outlines a similar approach but with more superfoods, etc… – have thousands of case studies of people regenerating from so-called ‘incurable’ diseases.

They ARE incurable because it is impossible to ‘cure’ something. That is to suggest it is out of balance – an anomaly of nature… And that’s simply not true. Everything in this universe is perfect, and if you follow the simple, outlined steps of detoxification, then regeneration, and then building (we will get to all of these someday), I feel you will experience benefited health.

So, all that said, the concept of detoxification is an interesting, somewhat debatable, and incredibly emotional topic, but that’s just because it works so well. 😉

When we detoxify, we are literally removing all the critters, built up toxicity (contributing to suppressed endocrine functions and ‘brain fog’) and moving the lymphatic system – the sewer system of the body. 

When the lymphatic system is backed up, that’s when we begin to see skin problems (the first indication of imbalance within the body), and later more serious crisis’. That’s also why acne, psoriasis, eczema, etc… should be taken more seriously and not suppressed with topical ointments and drugs. When you suppress something in the body, it will undoubtedly indicate its  imbalance in a number of other symptoms – depending upon your genetic predisposition.

The thing is, modern diets are highly acidic (corrosive – and also an ‘ideal’ environment for parasites which DO influence your mind, the types of foods you want, and cause even more fungal/yeast problems in the body) and do not support the movement of the bowels or lymphatic system. 

That’s why people in our world have so easily become toxic and are seeking relief. 



But like I said before, nature knows the remedy, and the first step is to break down and release all that has not been serving you. It can be an emotional process, for emotions are directly related to experiences and are stored energetically in the body – usually where manifestations arise, because there is an energetic blockage there.

When you simplify your diet, you’re giving your ‘self’ permission to start cleaning house, and a lot comes up.

The Healing Crisis…

Usually that means acids will start being dumped into the bloodstream as the body begins to release (making you feel like crap for 2-8 days, sometimes 14 days Max) and toxic accumulation will start to be let go of.

If you thought you are emotional now, wait until the healing crisis begins. When people begin a healthier regime and experience this, they are usually quick to go back to their old habits because they are HIGHLY addicted to certain foods (like sugar, eggs, corn, soy, wheat, and dairy), and including those foods again provides them relief.

It’s similar to a cigarette addict going without cigarettes, and then smoking one to feel that ‘high’.

If you KNOW what you’re up against and what’s going on in the body, however, the process becomes that much easier because you know you are NOT alone. After a certain period of time, you DO start to feel well. And THAT is where the magic happens, because, for the first time in your life, you start to KNOW how well you can feel. 

After that, it’s rare people turn back. So you see? It’s the initial start of the detox process that can be the hardest – but it can also be fun!


How Do I Detoxify? 

By now you’re wondering, ‘Okay, so how do I detox?’. You don’t need to sign up for an expensive program, you don’t need to shell out hundreds of dollars. Actually, it’s quite simple.

My recommendation is to adopt a simple, plant-based (all or high-raw) diet for a period of 6-8 weeks minimum and then transition into a high-raw diet (80% live food, plant-based) for long-term, adapting it as you feel influenced.

(I explain the concept of MonoMeals below)

It honestly takes people YEARS to fully detoxify and regenerate, but if you get a great kick-start by going all-in for a period of time, it can be a wonderful, enlightening, transformative process.

My recommendation for many people is the following:

*Disclaimer* I am not a medical doctor, nor claim to be and am providing only my opinion(s) on the subject of detoxification and regeneration in regards to how the body can heal itself.  


Transition for 3-5 days by going whole foods, plant-based (if you’re eating a healthy to unhealthy Standard American Diet). You can get my meal plan HERE to understand what that might look like, and also get yummy recipes you can include in the future.

For 2-4 days, begin eating 2 of your 3 meals all-raw, with your third cooked. 

When you’ve adequately transitioned, begin your protocol: 


Morning: Drink 16 oz. water upon rising with lemon

Breakfast: MonoMeal (fruit of choice – see below)

Lunch: MonoMeal (fruit of choice – see below)

—By this time most people will start getting a headache from ‘detoxing’ – push through or slow it down with cooked foods.

Afternoon Snack: 16 oz. Green Juice +

Dinner: MonoMeal of Fruit, followed by a Leafy Green Salad w/ Raw Dressing (w/ Fat to slow down detox, or w/out (fat-free dressing HERE) & plenty of vegetables.

Evening: Tea

You will be surprised at how fast your pain begins to dissipate (especially after the healing crisis passes) and how clear and light you feel. You’ll begin to experience more creativity, thoughts will come easier, and you’ll also have more INSPIRATION and ENERGY to exercise. That’s how life SHOULD be. 



I have been experimenting eating high-raw to 100% raw for 6 years now, and every time I transition back and go all-in, I learn and experience something new.

When I first did a detox protocol like the one listed above, I didn’t have the money or incentive to buy herbs to support the: adrenals, kidneys, lymphatic system and GI tract.

Boy, that was an error. 

You CANNOT CLEAN out the body if your lymph is not moving and your KIDNEYS are not filtering! You will feel like SHIT, your body will start pulling calcium from your teeth and other bones to buffer the acidosis, and you will inevitably suspect it is the FRUIT – rather than your own body’s weaknesses at the moment – that is causing ‘ails’.

Your body can regenerate FULLY.

100% … But the herbs exist as nature’s medicines to help PULL, MOVE, and EXCRETE what isn’t serving you. They make the process SO much more powerful!

So yes, I HIGHLY recommend you accompany your detox protocol with herbs, and if you want a guide, you need to either set up a consult with me to suggest which herbal remedies might support your personal healing process best, or watch Dr. Morse YouTube videos to get you answer. You can also buy a pamphlet for $1.50 here.


What Is A MonoMeal?

True to its name, a MonoMeal is a ‘meal’ comprised of one food, usually a caloric-dense and highly nutritive fruit, such as bananas, mangoes, watermelon, grapes, papaya, etc…

When following a detoxification protocol – or even a ‘lifestyle’, though I believe it’s rare for one to thrive fully fruitarian for an extended period of time – one usually consumes 2-4 MonoMeals, at certain intervals, throughout the day.

Not only are MonoMeals incredibly easy to digest (which is highly beneficial for restoring energy and enabling to body to direct previously used digestive energy for ‘healing’ purposes), they are incredibly delicious!

When you stick to any detoxification protocol, you will be SHOCKED at how improved your senses become. What previously may have tasted bland will now be bursting with flavor, that’s because modern, processed junk actually dumbs down the taste buds.

That’s why when I first went high-raw as a 15-year-old, I thought a simple salad was the worst tasting thing EVER. Now, I eat greens on their own, sometimes with seaweed and avocado, other times with one or two other types of fruit.


While this notion may be disputed, it would be highly unlikely for us as a species to be able to construct highly elaborate, gourmet meals – raw or not – if we were living without modern conveniences. For this reason, eating as nature intended DOES make sense.

In addition, the fact that a nut has a hard, tough shell is an indication that they are not meant to be consumed by the handfuls. Though highly nutritive, they are also acid-forming and can further stagnate a system rather then support detoxification like fruits, berries, and melons do.

That’s why MonoMeals are usually fruit – because fruits, especially citrus, the berries, and melons – are highly astringent and move the lymphatic system in ways other foods do not.

In combination with the HERBS, this protocol can be very therapeutic and healing.

If you have questions on ANY of the following:

*Doesn’t Fruit Make You Fat? 

*Doesn’t Fruit Give You Diabetes? 

*Won’t Fruit Rot Your Teeth? 

*Where Will You Get Your Nutrition?

…and others, I highly recommend you watch FIRST Dr. Morse videos on YouTube with titles similar to these, and then check out the book by Dr. Douglas Graham 80/10/10 which has some good information in it. (I am not – nor will I claim to be in the future – an 80/10/10-er. I don’t subscribe to diets, but believe in shared philosophies).

I have answers to all of these as well – most importantly based on personal experience, not other peoples’ anecdotes or misguided teachings inspired by profit… but will not be sharing them at present.


I wanted to share this information because I believe it’s invaluable to know about and important to experiment with, as well as share.

Let me know your thoughts, tips, and questions below! Have a wonderful day, Namaste.