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Every single culture has a belief in a higher power – a universal Source consciousness -which is the fabrication of all that is and will continue to be. However abstract, it has been perceived in a variety of ways by intuitive seers, healers, and prophets for thousands of years.
Not until recent times, however, were such philosophies or truths able to be studied and confirmed through science. The entire field of Quantum Physics offers incredible insight in regard to the truths that all is energy, we are all of the same matter, and there is a innate intelligence which directs, creates, and IS us.
This new age of awakening offers opportunity for each of us to break free from dogma, seek answers within, receive guidance from those along their path, and really clarify our highest journey and vibrational alignment to manifest the type of lives we wish to live for optimal well-being, happiness, and growth.


Amanda Froelich can guide you along your path. Having traveled to the jungle of Costa Rica when just 19 years of age, she ignited a profound soul journey through spiritual ceremonies with plant medicinals, healers/shamans from Peru, and continues to receive frequent attunements and clarification in sacred celebration with Spirit. Her purpose is to continue evolving as a reflection of Source, guide others along their path, and teach the 4 Facets of Healing which result in aligned living.
Providence brought her to Thailand to not only work in a holistic Cancer clinic, but to re-unite with her Reiki Master Teacher, Debbie Creagh, who worked with Amanda to learn the deeper levels of emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual healing. Attuned in true Reiki (many modalities offered today are not all the same, and many practitioners remain ignorant of what they are channeling) and counseled in Intuitive Awareness with Cards, Amanda now has even more gifts to offer the world… Starting with YOU.

If you long for answers, seek clarity, want to learn more about yourself, are ready to release
buried fears and inhibitions that hold you back, PUT into place the power of intention and
manifestation into your life, and find confidence in your own abilities, you should contact
Amanda for a reading or a Reiki session.



Intuitive Awareness Reading w/ Cards:

  • Cost: $35
  • Length: 45-Minutes – 1 Hour
  • Location: (Distance via Skype or In-Person in Boulder, Colorado)

Every thought you’ve contemplated, every scenario you’ve wished, every hope you’d held onto, Spirit / Source Consciousness is aware of. Now it’s time for you to gain clarity on your soul journey and learn how/when to move forward, receiving intuited messages meant just for you.

If you would like a one-on-one tarot card reading, please contact Amanda here (link). She can do SKYPE readings or in-person readings (beginning March 1st in Boulder, Colorado).

What You’ll Receive:

  • 1 Hour Reading w/ Intuited Messages from Spirit & Guides
  • Tarot Card Spread (Pythagroean Method) to provide more details of your situation, offer advice, and affirm your soul’s journey
  • Overview & Detailed Follow Up via Email (with photograph of spread!)

Reiki Treatment

  • Cost: Suggested Donation (Minimum $35)
  • Length: 1 hour
  • Location: Distance (via Skype) or In-Person (Boulder, Colorado)


Reiki is a powerful hands on Japanese healing art developed in the early 1900’s by Mikao Usui in Japan. It treats the Body, Mind and Soul and is passed from Master to student. The word Reiki comes from two Japanese words – Rei and Ki, meaning universal life force energy, the energy around us and within us. Reiki activates, directs and applies the natural healing energy we have that promotes health, healing and wholeness.


It is known in many healing circles that all disease comes from congested energy which has stagnated in the etheric/energy body. A Reiki treatment removes these blockages, frees the stagnant energy, restores energy to depleted areas, and improves the function and stability of the energy body. This contributes to physical healing and emotional, mental, and spiritual wholeness.
It can be used most effectively as a self-help technique, as well as for the release of stress, for relaxation and to restore the vital energy lost in daily life.

Reiki treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind, and spirit. It can be used alone or to support and enhance conventional medical treatment.

What to Expect:

During a Reiki treatment, Universal energy is channeled through the practitioner’s hands into/through the clients body. During the treatment any congested energy in the body or the aura is cleared and the life force energy of the recipient is restored, leaving them feeling “lighter”, refreshed, and energized.

The experience of Reiki is unique to every individual. Some may feel heat, cold, tingling, or vibration, while others may fall asleep. Whatever the feelings or experiences, Reiki will greatly benefit the person receiving it as it raises their vibration allowing them to feel more optimistic and more in tune with themselves and the world around them.

If you would like to experience a healing energy medicine (Reiki) session, contact
Amanda here to book your session.


why-amandaAmanda Froelich is an intuitive healer who channels healing energy and messages from Spirit, your loving guides, and angels to provide answers to the questions you’ve posed. Having studied spiritual healing, intuitive awareness, and alchemal healing in both Costa Rica and Thailand, she works and channels only the highest of good so you may receive clarification and guidance along your path.



Contact Amanda for Further Details!

If you seek to get in contact with Amanda and work with her (one-on-one available in Boulder, Colorado at present) or via Skype, fill in the form below:
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