Go Raw

Warning: The Following Health Benefits are experienced when unlocking Nature’s bountiful way of Living:


(From my website http://amandafroelich.com )

*Enjoying plentiful amounts of food while easily maintaining a healthful and vibrant physique

*Improved skin, hair, and nails – thicker, stronger, clearer, and smoother!

*Anti-aging benefits: obtaining (and keeping) a youthful glow, reversing the clock on cellular oxidation!

*Stopping and commonly reversing all degenerative diseases such as Cancer, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Depression, Arthritis, Asthma, Skin Conditions, Candida, Fibromyalgia, anxiety, Eating Disorders, Emotional Problems, behavioral roblems, greying and thinning hair, sleeping disorders, when following a high raw & plant based diet.

*Creating sustainable lifestyle habits that not only support your ultimate thriving state – but benefit the ecosystem and generate a loving environment for all others

*Facing fears and realizing you are loved after surpassing emotional issues & pains previously numbed by food, and/or alcohol and drugs

*Eliminating allergies, sinus, and lung problems which increases oxygen uptake!

*Glowing, clearer skin!

*Improve eye sight naturally and reverse/reduce Glaucoma (aka one symptom of lymphatic constipation)

*Improving your entire body’s homeostasis to better fight off infection without the use of dangerous overly prescribed antibiotics

*Substantially improving your athletic ability and energy. You’ll constantly be looking forward to ‘play time’.

*Quicker athletic recovery while constantly increasing endurance, flexibility, agility, strength and reaction time

*Enjoying sports and fitness activities at a much higher level with more frequency at a much older age

*Increased ability to tolerate hot temperatures such as environmental, and/or from exercise

* Naturally become a happier, more loving and positive person.

*Finding motivation with a renewed sense of purpose and awakened revitalization

*Increased mental, emotional, and spiritual awareness

*Shedding of old patterns of depression, moodiness and listlessness

*Gaining huge amounts of time from previously wasted time spent in front of the television, planning elaborate meals, and cleaning up dirty dishes.

*Huge savings on lack of doctor bills, unnecessary supplements, beauty or hygienic products

*Increased quality of sleep, often resulting in feeling more rested on less sleep

*Waking up bounding out of bed filled with energy and positivity for the day

*Incredibly improved circulation – benefits all health issues and definitely supports the ‘flow’… *hint hint* great for sexual function

*Provides the greatest amount of the highest quality food with the least planting space, energy, and environmental damage

*Creating biodiversity, creating places for animals and insects to live

*Less waste as little to no packaging is needed, organic waste is biodegradable, and composting is great for your garden and environment

*Little to no need for soap, toothpaste, or deodorant. (If you’re Green inside, you’re clean inside!)

*Super-fast bathroom breaks with little to no offensive smell

*Joy in knowing no animals need be treated badly or die. Good karma for you!

*Increased ability to take sun and retain tan without harmful and costly sunscreens or creams

*Awakening to the truth of health and nutrition against the hopes of those with other vetted interests

*Reduced carbon footprint: cooking gives off more pollution than driving a car per person in a lifetime, and secondly the livestock industry gives off more pollution than any other single factor

* Real desire to act with love for the good of the universe.

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