How to Heal Naturally

Currently the world is in a state of crisis. Even though many countries have developed with the implementation of technological advances, health care is rapidly declining and deaths from diet and lifestyle related diseases continue to rise.

Economies have their own issues, with gaps between the poor and extremely wealthy continuing to grow, and the environmental impact from such unsustainable modern living is having disastrous results in the present. What if I told you that by implementing lifestyle and dietary changes, these other areas of concern could be improved as well?

It’s true, and you’ll find out why in the length of this article. fruit1

To begin with, 60 percent of diseases are diet and lifestyle related. In the most comprehensive study ever conducted, The China Study, it was shown that cancer, heart disease, Diabetes, stroke, and other perceived age-related illnesses grow in proportion to the amount of meat and dairy one consumes. When one also consumes refined foods (processed sugar, refined grains and carbohydrates, hydrogenated fats, high heated oils), there body is further put into an increased risk for disease, because these foods all have the same thing in common:

*They are acidic

*They stagnate in the lymphatic system

*They are hard to digest

*They reduce the immune system

*They cause the body to produce more mucus

*They are highly devoid on nutrients, many which are abundantly found in fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, seeds, nut, legumes, tubers, and seaweeds.

*They lack fiber, therefore they cause blood sugar imbalances

*The digestion process of these foods over a period of time severely taxes the endocrine system (hormone system), organs (pancreas, gallbladder, liver, stomach, brain)

And many more concerns!

In industrialized countries, these foods are very common, though! KFC, McDonalds, other fast food chains, packaged snacks, refined junk foods, candies, sugary sodas, energy drinks comprise almost half of the average individual’s diet now!

Because these foods are devoid of true nutrition and deplete the body’s resources by being broken down, they are a main contributor of disease.

Lifestyle and spiritual related factors are also part of health, but what one consumes is a major cause. What you eat can make or break your health, and that’s why Bloom is dedicated to helping you learn how to eat and live in a manner that allows you to thrive with life!

One can support their most optimal body by:


salad*Getting plenty of rest

*Eating a diet high in plant foods, including fruits, vegetables, sprouted legumes and grains, nuts, seeds, seaweeds, and occasionally some fish if needed.

*Moving! Exercise has incredible benefits for longevity and health!

*Being mindful – being mindful and/or practicing meditation can help create body awareness and connect you with your true self and unlimited potential.

*Doing what you love! Whether that’s reading a book, surfing, traveling, writing, gardening, spending time with family, singing, or playing a musical instrument, creativity is an essential part of being happy and healthy.

There’s a lot to learn when it comes to natural and alternative health: learning how the body works holistically challenges a viewpoint very common in the Western world, but it has to be challenged so that these health crisis’ may be reduced.

Bloom is here to help every individual learn how to create their best health. Amanda conducts personal Holistic Nutrition consultations, writes for a variety of publications, teaches live and vegan food preparation, travels and organizes programs for large groups, and can help you discover your best health today.

Book her help now or contact Amanda for more information.

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