Juice Fasting: A concept so old yet just recently adopted as ”somewhat normal behavior’. From celebrities to cancer patients, juice fasting is an alternative therapy that focuses on eliminating all foods except for fresh, raw fruits and vegetables from ones diet, except that you’re consuming them in simplified, juiced version without the fiber.



Many people have questions:
Don’t you need fiber?
Fiber is excellent – but we are very overstimulated by processed junk, refined foods, and animal products so if you won’t to go to a very extreme length to ignite FAST healing – give your digestive system a break (the GI tract is where a lot of sickness stems from) and just intake pure, nutrients in a very absorbable form!

A long-term healthy diet focuses on mainly fruits and vegetables which will definitely give you all your fiber needs.


Why go to such extremes?
Different from just a raw diet, consuming only the plant-blood of fruits and vegetables is like taking in pure electricity – the type of energy your body NEEDS and when you give your digestive system a break, your body can do some AMAZING healing.
You don’t have to go that long to feel it, either! Some people fast for over 100 days, some only for 3 – 7. Listen to your body!


Can you become deficient in certain nutrients?

It blows my mind we think that consuming the most nutrient-rich foods on the planet will cause us to become deficient somehow, but yet most people eat nutrient-deficient junk that taxes, acidifies, and pulls nutrition from the body (standard American Diet)…and yet that’s not dangerous?
It takes a LONG time to become deficient in certain vitamins and nutrients, your body can make most of them if it’s in a healthy state, and again, you’re getting the BEST nutrition possible fasting this way.


What’s the difference between a fast and a feast?
Feast usually mean what it says: unlimited juice. Greens, fruits, etc… I like feasts that way I have plenty of energy to work full time, do school, exercise, and feel great!
Fasts are more healing as your’re not consuming as much, and will usually be 32 – 64 oz. of mainly green, leafy juices a day.



What led me into this endeavor? Being a detoxification specialist, first of all, it doesn’t make sense to offer juice fasting as a therapy to others when I rarely do it myself. I know firsthand from my own feasts how healing juicing can be (I previously did one for 8 days), but experiencing deeper cleansing and healing on that level is something I feel I am ready for again.

I am a person who’s had a far-from-perfect digestion. Gastro-intestinal issues plague most individuals due to unhealthy processed and refined foods, but healing from these ails can happen fastest on a purified raw, fruit and vegetable cleanse. Giving my digestion a break, I hope to dig deeper into my own cells and really clean house – giving way to even better health.


I already feel amazing- but I know that I can go a lot further with my health. I’m excited to see what changes happen. There’s no limit on this fast – I’m going intuitively.


fatsicknearlydeadI also was very inspired to dive back into this by watching “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead”. I love, love, love love, love, Phil and Joe’s journeys and hope to share this with others the way they have. So let’s get started!



Juice Journal – Day 1


50 oz. OJ
50 oz. Green Juice
    2 Bunches Kale
    2 Bunches Celery
    4 Cucumber
    4 Apples
    1 1/2 Lemons
32 Oz. Grapefruit Juice/OJ (3/4 Grapefruit, 1/4 OJ)
40 oz. Apple Juice + Cinnamon



Cost Breakdown:

24 / 28 = .85 cents / bunch kale
25 / 15 = 1.60 /bunch celery
20 / 60 = 33 cents/cucumber   
56 / 8 = 32 cents/apple
15 / 118 = 13 cents / orange


Therefore, today’s juicing cost approximately:
$2.60 – Oranges
$6.22 – Kale, Celery, Cucumber,
$4.50 Apples
Miscellaneous: $1.00 (Lemons)

Less than $15.00 to Juice to my heart’s content!!!




I started off on my last-minute cleanse by going to Kodiak at 5 in the morning to stock on produce before work.

I got 1 box of each: Kale, Cucumbers, Celery, Apples, and Oranges. Total, it was about $113.00 which is a lot – but thinking I’ll use them for around 2 weeks, it’s not bad.
Lemons, ginger, and occasionally parsley or other herbs I’ll get occ
asionally – but it’s not breaking the bank to juice this way.

I started breakfast off right. (After doing laundry, cleaning, stocking my fridge, going on a run, doing yoga by the lake, jumping into my frigid pool, and getting cleaned myself…)

50 Oz. Orange Juice. I LOVE OJ. Read here how it’s so cheap to make on your own. So this will definitely be a staple.

Second, I took this HUGE jar of green juice to work. (50 oz.)


I made quite a bit of Grapefruit Juice/OJ for my work’s meal…

and had 32 oz. of water with lemon juice in it.

For dinner I had 40 oz. of Apple Juice with Cinnamon.


Overall, it was a great day. I eat SO healthily that it shocked me to get a headache during the day, but it subsided when I got some more juice later. Also – the biggest challenge is just wanting to snack on fruit throughout the day.

I’m a vegan chef so I cook and prepare food all day. It doesn’t bother me being around cooked foods (and hasn’t for a while), but I LOVE fruits and vegetables in their natural states. I’m content knowing I’ll eat them again someday, though.



My days will most likely be typical like this, so if it gets redundant, I probably won’t post every day.

Feel inspired to join? It’s never too late. Experience your best health by giving your digestion a break and consuming as much natural nutrition as possible!

Tomorrow – what to do with the pulp!?