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One of Amanda’s greatest passions is the ability to utilize food as medicine. Anyone can experience better health by introducing more living fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds into their diet. In fact, it’s quite easy to do!

Dedicated to sharing the power of nature and the body’s innate healing abilities, Amanda shares free Raw and Vegan Recipes and works hard to educate the public on the benefits of including a predominantly plant-based lifestyle. If you are interested in experiencing Amanda’s culinary talents, there are a variety of ways you can enliven your life with fruits and vegetables, too!




Farm of Life, Costa Rica

Currently Amanda is a Raw and Vegan Chef at the renowned health oasis, Farm of Life in Costa Rica. Enjoying the exotic foods, organic vegetables, and luscious fruits, the oasis offers a place of relaxation and rejuvenation for all seeking to regain balanced health and grow in mind, body, and spirit. Most of the recipes from her website, Mandy Blooms Raw, are created within the beautiful landscape of Farm of Life.

If you’d like an affordable vacation that will help you re-align in health, please check out their website. It is an excellent opportunity to satisfy your palate, learn cooking demonstrations, and become educated on the value of simple, living plant foods in one’s diet.

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Raw Vegan Recipe Books

Currently Amanda has self-published two raw and vegan Recipe Books. Buying an E-book is an affordable way to learn the wealth of knowledge from another individual, and in this case, there are two great, educational resources that will help you transition from a ‘mediocre’ diet to a blossoming, raw diet.

“Bloom Raw…At Home!”

It’s easy to create lasting health and nourishing recipes. This book is the perfect start for your raw food journey. The kitchen is an essential area for raw food preparation, but can sometimes be daunting; Begin by understanding the basics of a raw food lifestyle, all the equipment and tools you need, and then get creating the delicious and easy recipes!

Buy this book on Lulu and learn more about its content here.

“Bloom Raw…On a Budget!”

If you’re concerned about the financial costs of eating raw, this book is for you. It’s helped countless numbers of individuals seeking to save money while on their health path, and it can definitely help you. Introducing a new layout and features, it includes vibrant, glowing recipe pictures, tips and tricks to help you save, a shopping list for the budget-friendly consumer, and recipes utilizing those foods that are most affordable on a raw vegan diet. Start Saving Now!

Buy this book on Blurb (Available in Paperback or Ebook!) and learn more about its content here.

Traveling Raw Vegan Chef

Working with individuals around the world, Amanda enjoys traveling to foreign locations (example: India is planned September 2014) and donating her passion and skill in various restaurants, homes, and education centers. For little or no cost (usually only asking a small donation and/or modest room and board), if you live in an area that could benefit from a living foods demonstration, please contact her.

The underlying mission is to share freely the benefits of a plant-based diet, the importance of holistic living, and cultivate community and raw food inspiration worldwide. Therefore, if you are interested in hosting Amanda in her next journey, you may be the recipient of a few free raw and vegan demonstrations. Contact her here.



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