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Are you looking for a satisfying brunch recipe that won’t be added to your thighs this chilly season, yet nourish, satisfy your palate, and please all your senses? Good golly, I do believe you’ve found it.


Check out the recipe I shared on Young and Raw [Live Food, Vegan] Bagels w/ Dehydrated ‘Crab Cakes’ & Wasabi Mayonnaise.

I’m sure you won’t want to miss this one, because it’s pretty simple to make, is incredibly satisfying, and can please even the most meat-savvy carnivores.

Get the free recipe by clicking here.


On another note… If you’re interested in keeping up with my travels (I’m leaving Bangkok, Thailand and am headed to Kenya, Africa(!)), please check out my travel blog Travel Fruit Love. It’s getting a make-over at the moment, but already has lots of post from my journey from the United States to Costa Rica, to Bangkok, Thailand, and abroad to other locations. To me, travel is the greatest school we could ever sign up for.

It’s engaging what we’ve studied and learned and putting it into real-life situations so we may learn from other people we meet along the way, grow in directions not taught in school, and develop as individuals as we “let go” and thrive.


More will be shared there too, about my recent trip to Phuket, Thailand, China Town (in Bangkok), and also the Floating Markets (outside of Bangkok).

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