Live Foods Chef

Amanda Froelich is a live-foods chef, self-trained through study and experience in work places throughout the United States and in Costa Rica. She currently resides and works as the head chef of the Farm of Life Retreat Center outside of the tiny village of San Salvador, Costa Rica.



She has experience working at world-renowned locations like the Tree of Life Rejuenation Center, and as a raw and vegan chef at the Pomegranate Café in Arizona, USA.

Having gone raw and vegan at age 16, Amanda has experience teaching classes in the many locations she has lived, including South Dakota, the area she grew up in and worked at a health food store at.


Some of her popular classes include, “Eating Raw On a Budget” (which her E-book is a great addition as!), and the “Basics of Raw Living”.



But to share the beauty of alternative health and live food cuisine, Amanda shares her delectable recipes online at Bloom for Life.


She currently travels, offering these abilities to different locations in exchange for room and board, as well as nice company and opportunity to learn.


Previous private chef experience includes creating raw and vegan juices, smoothies, snacks, and to-go options for flight attendants, and families seeking to implement healthier options.


If you’re interested in working with Amanda, contact her here. You can change your life by including more wholesome, unprocessed, plant foods into your diet.

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